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 History Timeline

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PostSubject: History Timeline   Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:29 am

~18 BCE
-The Arrival of the Fifteen Strangers

0 CE
-Establishment of the Argenist Republic by the Twelve Magicians (Also known to the Argenists as the Twelve Founders or simply The Founders).

20 CE
-Destruction of the Seredium Empire; Argenist Republic renamed Argenist Empire

24 CE
-Exploration of the Mu-Arishi East Coast begins.
-Exploration of the Jirmushi Antarctic begins.

28 CE
-Colonization of Mu-Arishi begins.
-Exploration of Kanshin begins.

38 CE
-Colonization of Jirmushi begins.
-Colonization of Kanshin begins.
-Exploration of Hakari begins.

40 CE
-Discovery of a strange cave system rich in minerals and metals cause a population flux in Jirmushi. The work village quickly becomes a thriving town and, later, a major city under the name of Keltorva.
-The Academy of Spellcraft is formed in Jirmushi by the Twelve Magicians.
-Colonization attempts begin in Hakari but fails; reports of an "evil presence" and "secret watchers" flood in from colonists who savely make their way back to civilization.

Nov 18th, 63 CE
-Start of the Crimson Age; Moons glow blood red as madness overtakes the land, marking the end of the Argenist Empire's golden age. Order and law begin to break down within months across the globe. It was also on this date that the Sentient Undead began to rise.

Jan 23rd, 64 CE
-Grynn oc Trine, Professor of the Acadamy of Spellcraft, defends the school from the first Legend of the Crimson Age, "Mad Doctor" Meldri Hovic.

Mar 30th, 64 CE
-A forgotten hero delivers a cure for the city of Keltorva, saving it from a devastating plague.

Aug 3rd, 64 CE
-Official date of founding for the Blue Crusade, headed by General Irwin von Schaffelburg, 1st Blue Crusader Army. Three more Blue Crusader armies are raised before the end of the month; the 1st Blue Crusader Army is sent to Mu-Arishi to enforce peace by martial law.

Feb 6th, 65 CE
-Vashyli, Auxilary of the 1st Blue Crusader Army, distinguishes himself at the Battle of Vale, against resisting Forest Elf forces by singlehandedly holding back a force of twenty Forest Elf swordsmen before reinforcements arrive. The fighting started over border disputes and existing friction made worse by the presence of the 1st Blue Crusader Army.

Dec 14th, 68 CE
-Vashyli is crowned the Champion of the Blue Crusade by the Twelve Magicians, and blessed with his legendary suit of armor, Gventovy, and hand-and-a-a-half sword, Fragarach.

Jan 3rd, 69 CE
-Legends "Dark Lady" Carlsta Vespati and "The Destroyer" Ylavtotep fight over the twin rival cities of Edith and Schall, reducing both cities to mere rubble in a matter of hours.

Nov 8th, 75 CE
-The Twelve commissions the Global Research Board to examine and determine the cause of the Crimson Age, and find a way to stop it. In secret, some members of the Twelve had turned begun their own secret projects for personal power.

Sept 28th, 99 CE
-40,000 humans were slaughtered at the hands of the demihuman Ookami, Nekos, and Kitsunes globally when one-fifth of the three races were suddenly thrown into a panic without cause or reason. Among those killed was Crusader Anton Lewinsky of the 7th Blue Crusader Army. Anton had been a charismatic sympathizer for the demihumans and was a vocal supporter of their well-being. His death sparked massive anti-demihuman sentiments across the Blue Crusade and the Argenist Empire.

Jan 17th, 100 CE
-Ookami resistance to human oppression reaches a breaking point when the 2nd Blue Crusader Army was sent to crush the Inubashiri tribe. Faced with unwinnable odds, the Inubashiri Tribe still stayed firm despite the overwhelming opposition and maintained a stalwart defense for 100 days and nights of constant fighting. Impressed by their fighting spirit, and unwilling to continue fighting a pointless battle, the 2nd Blue Crusader Army silently withdraws, allowing the Inubashiri Tribes to establish a reserve for themselves.

Mar 3rd, 100 CE
-Motivated by the Inubashiri Tribe's exemplary display of resistance, the dipomatic situation explodes as hundreds of fiefdoms, mostly non-human in population, declared their independence and begin fighting one another, as well as the Argenist Empire, for independence and to grow in strength. Enraged by the turn of events, the Twelve issued the order to exterminate all non-humans to the last man, woman, and child. The Blue Crusade, now at 23 armies and over 79,000,000 men, are mobilized for war.

May 1st, 101 CE
-The first major victim of the Blue Crusade's might is a great vampire coven whose name had been erased from history. There were believed to be no survivors in the crackdown that followed.

Jun 20th, 101 CE
-The 12th and 20th Blue Crusader Armies met with the armies of the High Elves on the fields surrounding Harvest. The result was decisive; a total Blue Crusade victory, with the complete rout and destruction of the High Elf army. Now defenseless, the two Blue Crusade armies moved to completely annihilate the High Elves Only the timely intervention of multiple belligerent forces were the High Elves saved from total extinction.

Jul 19th, 101 CE
-The 1st, 12th, 20th, and 22nd Blue Crusader Armies march on Hakari, intent on stomping out any and all resistance in the elusive continent. Bitter, chaotic, sporadic fighting erupted as the Blue Crusade could not properly strike at the Forest Elves, but the Forest Elves could do little to stop the massive, powerful Blue Crusade.

Oct 1st, 101 CE
-For his accomplishment of slaying one hundred dragons in one afternoon, Vashyli is widely hailed through the lands as The Dragonslayer. The Forest Elves had secretly allied with the Dragons earlier in the autumn. Despite this achievement, the Blue Crusade was slowly being forced on the defensive by this new enemy.

Apr 11th, 113 CE
-"Silent Father" Grigori Alphost discovers a method to accurately locate Source Crystals. This information was unintentionally released globally, which was directly attributed to causing the grievous amount of damage for the next half-century to come.

Jan 1st, 116-120 CE
-During these four years, eighteen Legends rose to prominence, ten of them mad with personal power. They begin rampaging the world, and the Blue Crusade is dispatched to stop them at any cost. They are successfully culled in various methods by Jan 1st, 120 CE, but at very high cost to the Crusaders.

May 20th, 122 CE
-"Dark Salvation" Halia Cephiyo destroys the 9,000,000-man 14th Blue Crusader Army to defend her Dark Elf tribe. Because of the extent of the destruction, The Twelve did not learn of these events until almost a month later, by which time Halia and her tribe had hidden themselves away in the sands of Kanshin. Kanshin would later become the sanctuary of the Dark Elves.

July 1st-November 30th, 130 CE
-One hundred Legends revealed themselves during this period, many wreaking havoc on the world around them as insanity or personal greed overtook them. Keltorva was destroyed on Sept. 3rd, by the "Screaming Horror" Jericho Tepla. The Blue Crusade attempts to intervene to stem the tide of the chaos, but ultimately is unsuccessful. The 3rd Blue Crusader Army is destroyed in the chaos.

Dec 1st, 130 CE - May 21st, 169 CE
-The uncontrolled Legends during this time period named the "Crimson's Eve", along with new ones that showed up within this 38 year period, caused the greatest amount of damage during all of the Crimson Age, slaughtering untold millions and destroying the 6th, 11th, and 23rd Blue Crusader Armies. In the final days of this period, the Blue Crusade was withdrawn to the Jirmushi Antartic, where they never returned, or were heard from again. During that same time period, the Legends began disappearing, one by one, until none were left.

169 CE - 241 CE


Jan 1st, 649 CE
-Argenist-Calidrian War resumes.
-A demon appeared, and is vanquished in the Eastern Mu-Arishi plains after slaughtering the population of Weslow's Reach (Casualties estimated at 2500 people)
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History Timeline
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