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 Rules of The Rp

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Rules of The Rp Empty
PostSubject: Rules of The Rp   Rules of The Rp Icon_minitime1Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:39 am

General Rules
1. No God modding or metaing your way pass problems
2. Always have your faction (if you have one) stay in character. Do not have them do something that is way out of character for them.
3. Give a heads up or ask for permission before invading. We are all responsible rpers and doing so will avoid any bitterness.
4. This is not entirely an RTS.
5. Obey all other rules

Factional Rules
1. only 1 Living Deity per race, ONLY IF YOU NEED IT.
2. Alien Races can start with 20 habitable worlds max (unless gm overrides)
3. Humanity as a whole can start with 50 habitable worlds max.
4. Creating a Fallen Empire requires permission of the GM
5. All Factions need an up to date Force Declaration in order to go to war with another faction.
6. All factions Must use the same ftl. (See FTL for more)
7. Super Weapons, See Super weapons post for more.

Combat Rules
1. No Black Hole Weapons
2. No Overpowered Scalar Weapons for every ship.
3. Combat happens simultaneously, but in turns.
4. Do not type damage for another player.
5. If a fight happens between two players, GM and/or Co-gm will intervene and hear both players out before deciding what is the outcome.
6. Do not complain if a battleplan is considered unlikely to work and results in a slaughter.
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Rules of The Rp
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