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 Going Faster Than Light

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PostSubject: Going Faster Than Light   Going Faster Than Light Icon_minitime1Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:07 pm

How To Go Fast

Faster than light travel is only possible through two ways, nonlinked Gates and Keyholes. Keyholes form the basis of the faster than light travel in chronicles and are merely microscopic wormholes found naturally throughout. It is possible to send and receive signals from these wormholes, but sending much of anything besides nanobots through would be extremely difficult. With time, each race would have found that there was a way to amplify these wormholes with dedicated and powerful gate stations. These stations could make these small wormholes large enough on both ends to cross, allowing for faster than light travel to other nearby star systems. With this, the Keyholes would be classified into different categories.

Range of the Keyholes
Keyholes are classified easily by ranges in which they can send ships. The longer the range, the rarer which they occur at.

System To System Keyholes
The most common keyholes found, these ones occur in abundance it seems in each system, though finding them (like any keyhole) can be difficult and make it so that on a starmap there will be interesting routes which a ship can take. The lack thereof one of these might force ships to take a longer route to reach a star nearby.

Ranged Keyholes
The second most common keyhole, the Ranged Keyholes extend a few systems away and are even more difficult to detect than common keyholes. These ones can save ships time and money by porting them multiple systems away and even closer to the target system.

Long Ranged Keyholes
A True and rare find, these keyholes facilitate galactic travel across vast distances in short amounts of time. These keyholes could even extend and take a ship across to the other side of the galaxy.

Nexus Points
The ultimate find and rarest system of all, These systems seemingly have multiple natural Long Ranged and Ranged keyholes connecting to them. Finding one of these and developing it ensures a new center of trade will spring up. Controlling Nexus Points could be key to controlling the galaxy...

Nonlinked Gates
Finally, these structures are from years of research. Expensive as hell to operate, they link two systems close to each other without a keyhole. The sheer cost of doing so prevents them from being used wide scale and most cases don't make up for losses incured when using it to ship items across. Mainly used by militaries for quick and strategic deployments when a keyhole is missing to link two close systems.
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Going Faster Than Light
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