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 The Ubian-Ska'vari Accord

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PostSubject: The Ubian-Ska'vari Accord   The Ubian-Ska'vari Accord Icon_minitime1Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:06 am

Elective Monarchy
Current Ruler: King Berticul III, "The Wise."

The Accord is led by a singular monarch who has complete control of the might of the Accord. Beyond this position, the Accord is fundamentally split into four distinct Houses:

-The House of Irving (Military)
-The House of Genoa (Industry, Logistics)
-The House of Belashi (Medical)
-The House of Stanford (Research & Development)

Voting is done once the previous king has passed, either by old age, by renouncing his claim to the throne, or some other untimely death. When this happens, each house is to elect one representative as a candidate for the next King. This candidate does not need to originate from the House that is supporting him/her. Up to two Houses may choose to opt out of this process, but this must be made clear beforehand, as with a strong reason as to why they have chosen to opt out. Furthermore, for the House to be considered to have fully opted out, the other three Houses must agree unanimously on the case.
Once a candidate from the Houses that are not opted out have been finalized, the voting is passed on to all citizens of the Accord, regardless of race. Obviously, the candidate with the highest vote count wins, but in the event of a tie, the two parties are to have a formal duel. The winner gains the title of King.

At the very top of the system, there is the King. The King of the Accord has unanimous power and can rule on decisions without the agreement of any of the four Houses, though this is ill-advised.
Immediately below the King are the four Heads of the Houses. Each Head deals with his/her own House and none other, with the exception of joint-House projects.
These Heads are elected similarly to how the King is elected, except that the candidates self-promote themselves from the pool of House Representatives, with the voting done exclusively by the people either in or working under that specific House. House Representatives are chosen by the Head of the House for outstanding skill. Accordites of this class are most often the ones used for diplomatic or other joint-nations work.
House Members are decided by both Representatives and the Heads, raised from the Working Class as a result of exceptional work or outstanding loyalty. These House Members are allowed to take the name of their House as their surname if they wished so, but this is optional.
Class does not hinder the ability to vote in any way whatsoever.

General Heirarchy:
-Heads of the Houses
-House Representatives
-House Member
-Working Class

A special class is that of "Knight", bestowed only to those who have proven themselves worthy time and time again to the Accord. This title is not dependent on race, and anyone who proves themselves worthy is eligible for attaining this title, roughly equal in social status to that of a Head of the House. While Knights do not have any official power unless granted by the Accord government, the prestige and publicity that comes with the title can give the title holder some light influence in Accordite politics.

Since the downturn of the collective Avalon economy, the Accord itself has long since been a state of downturn. While the Accord government can still provide enough work for the population as a collective whole, unemployment has continued rising slowly but steadily for the last two decades. This, in turn, has caused a rise in unrest only somewhat remedied by the current Avalon Emperor, Sir Kyndon, a hero and legend of the Accord, having promised that he will bring about major, overdue economic reforms.

The greatest trade commodities of the Accord are its industrial-strength materials and goods, and the excellence of their construction crews and shipworkers. The no-nonsense straight-lace attitude of the Accord people have made the Accord one of the greatest industrial powers in Avalon, only contested by the Avilun and the Durin.

The Accord is dominated by their military tradition, taking center focus or at least a close second in almost all aspect of their culture, life, entertainment, and even morality. This has allowed the modernized Accord military to become one of the greatest military powers in Avalon and beyond.

The Accord military is in possession of a very powerful, plentiful navy, and on the ground the Accord proudly boasts one of the most powerful ground combat capabilities in the Empire of Avalon. In all aspects, branches, and personnel of the Accord, morale is high, training is of the highest quality, discipline is firmly engaged, and the commanders well versed in the art of warfare. By witnessing the military might of the Accord, it would be nearly impossible to imagine that the Accord is suffering economically.

I bid you a good welcome to the forum as the founder of Allurmage.
I hope that you are here to stay and enjoy our company as fellow roleplayers.
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The Ubian-Ska'vari Accord
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