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 Syndinet Coalition

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PostSubject: Syndinet Coalition   Syndinet Coalition Icon_minitime1Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:04 pm

Republic Corporatocracy

Split into two parts, the Government and the Corporation of Syndnet, the Government is a republic where individual states on a planet elect a leader to a council on behalf of the individuals.

This is where the Corporation steps in. While the council represents the people, Syndinet as a Corporation possesses almost all of the means of obtaining, producing, and distributing of resources and goods. As such, the council is primarily a means of appealing to the populations under Syndinet control, as well as allowing the population a small say in the activities of the greater theater hanging above them.


As a corporation, Syndinet strives to find other factions to trade with in order to bolster economies and get money flowing. As it stands, being the furthest human colonies from Earth, Syndinet has ample room to expand but few people to actively trade with. As such, they have reverted to trading with their own planets as a means of lubricating the gears that run their economy until a larger, more proper trading partner emerges, be it human or alien.


A mercantile faction by nature, Syndinet understands the importance of having a powerful naval presence in order to protect their trade. As such, in the previous decades, Syndinet Corporation has invested their greatest minds and a limited but steady supply of resources to further their military. As a result, while their military is not particularly powerful nor plentiful, it has begun maturing into a competent, organized force that is by no means to be looked down on.

I bid you a good welcome to the forum as the founder of Allurmage.
I hope that you are here to stay and enjoy our company as fellow roleplayers.
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Syndinet Coalition
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