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 The Alkeron Collective

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PostSubject: The Alkeron Collective   The Alkeron Collective Icon_minitime1Thu May 05, 2016 8:49 pm


Divine Mandate-Military Junta(Mix between Ideological autocracy and Militaristic Oligarchy)

Even if the Alkeron Collective is led by archons, the heads of the Military Junta's districts, God Machine is above them as the maker of all alkeron beings. Even of the Four Archons are militaristic, they all take care of non-militaristic districts in the slumber of God Machine.
Archon Alrith - Cleansing of planets and Naval
Archon Alturi - Diplomacy District and Colonization
Archon Alrah - Infantry and tech adjusting/acquirement.
Archon Elvali - Engineering Industries and founder of God Machine

Before the great ascending and discovery of God Machine all four archons alongside the Alkeron were still organic and biological, but as a plague hit and threatened to wipe out the world, the God Machine was found by Archon Elvali which led to the rise of the Machine Cult that brought forth the ascending of the Alkeron people and it was successful on most of the coreworlds;The populaces' minds were transfered to robotic bodies, however they had to slumber for a couple of centuries before their minds were fully adjusted to the machines' ways. Now after the cold slumber they've awoken, but are shocked by the fact that there are other races capable of space travel, AND they are more advanced than them. Thus they have taken up to abandon their former ways of science and took up the ways of espionage and military, intending to try make themselves militaristically the strongest nation in the galaxy, not desiring to stay behind more. While turning more militaristic they stick mostly true to the God Machine's ways. Every one serves a purpose in the nation, with everyone doing something and belonging under one of the four Archons' service. Alkerons were once a proud, high tech civilization before their hibernation-slumber and now changed into a military and espionage based nation due to how much more advanced others are.


Current Economic Status
Economic Status? What economic status? They all serve under the archons in the name of God Machine, they are not dirty humans and their greedy relative-races. So pretty ''poor'' in terms of having no trade currently what so ever, except between archons and their lord-generals. Coreworlds of Alkeron Collective have different sources of iron and metal that's mainly found on these coreworlds that's named after the people, Alkeronium, it's thrice as hard as steel and has a dark blue tinted, it's used to create the thick spaceships of Alkeron Collective and the metallic bodies of alkeron and provides extra protection to heat due to it's high density. There used to be lots of slavery and different fruits in all of the worlds, but under the orders of Archon Alrith all biological lifeforms were wiped out from the planets and all oxygen and water was gotten rid of due to them causing metal to rust. Archons and their servants are living luxurious lives while the common robots just serve for the better of the nation and God machine. Good ole communistic utopia, right?

Current Military Power
They have vast fleets of centuries old technology, which is bad in most cases, except that there are so many of them and they can be made cheaply. 60% of the old fleet has been re-activated and it matches 1/7 of Avalon fleet at the moment and has been re-fitted into only needing 6 alkerons needed on board, 1 attached to the ship's control, 2 attached to the weaponry and 3 serving as mechanics and repairers on board the empty ships. Due to this majority of the military is capable of being in the infantry and engineering industries, giving the ability to work on the militaristic goals more easily.

Number of Habitable Worlds, Major Worlds/Points of Interest
Motherworld Alkeron is a super-sized planet, the size of three earths where a large percentage(45%) of alkerons live, counts as 2 worlds.
18 normal worlds(Excluding Alkeron Motherworld) that were once habitable, but were turned inhabitable for other races for the sake of least corrosion causing chemicals. Named with a Letter, two numbers, one dot and then three numbers. Example name B42.469.

Religious Beliefs
Alkeron worship God Machine, a mysterious machine being found by the Archon Elvali, which led to the birth of Machine Cult. They believe that all biological is impure and only way to reach purity is through pure mechanical bodies of virtue, which majority of Alkeron achieved. Alkeron believe that through lust(for machine-bodies), diligence(to achieve the perfect body) and ambition(to have the perfect body) may alkeron gain a body shaped by the God Machine. God Machine a mysterious machine, shaped as what all alkeron are, except larger with more auditional augmentations and head lacking any visible mouthpiece or sensory devices, with large metal scales covering the enlarged long backwards going head and the body, which alkerons lack as their bodies are smooth. They believe that they are far superior than the biological lifeforms and they believe that it's a sin to save biological lifeforms. However, during the early days of the Machine Cult and God Machine the faith was more based on invidualism and ascension through metal, it got a dramatic change in it's traits after the awakening, making them believe that biological beings are inferior and that invidualism leads to the downfall of Alkeron and one's own purity gets tarnished, leading to alkerons becoming collectivistic.

Well...I think it's obvious now? Mixure of Necrons, Yor Collective, Borg and such. Special ability is that they can habit whatever world there is, as long as it's not corrosive world, as they don't need oxygen or food to survive. Another special ability might be that an alkeron does not really die, when their body gets destroyed the backup of their minds will activate within the God Machine that is attached to the Motherworld's electricity and network that sets great machines of life to create a new body for the alkeron.

Force Declaration Sheet
I still don't know what is needed to do this so I'll keep it like this as I don't know what a FDS looks like. >.<
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The Alkeron Collective
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