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 Night's Faction: Dathmiir Republic

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PostSubject: Night's Faction: Dathmiir Republic   Night's Faction: Dathmiir Republic Icon_minitime1Tue May 17, 2016 6:08 pm

(Since I have no idea if people will read this until the end or only go to it as needed, I’m saying this at the beginning. You can make characters for this faction. Any character in a minor position: soldier, civilian, miner, etc. does not need to be run by me. I’ll look at it later to make sure it checks out with the faction’s lore. Any character who has the rank of a ship captain or above must be run by me first. I’m fine with changing some of the already existing characters if you want one of the already taken positions.)

Name: Dathmiir Republic

Government: A republic with 12 year terms for its 14 planetary representatives known as “Speakers.” The elected head, or “Chief,” leads the republic for 8 years before the next season. Each representative, including the head, can only be elected for one term. This helps prevent career politicians. Sessions are held once a season to discuss the variety of events that have come to pass and vote as to how to act upon them. (Dathmiir calendars have 13 seasons in an Earth year) The sessions often last days and sometimes reach weeks. The longest session recorded happened 200 years ago and lasted for three years.

Current Chief: Krix Tarthon. Age: 34, 3rd year of office.

Economy: The downturn of the empire has hit the Republic quite hard. Unemployment, while not at critical levels, has been on the rise. The first reason for this is that there is not much for the Dathmiir Republic to produce. While having some of the greatest shipyards in the empire, production has stagnated due to the empire simply not needing new vessels. This has lead to chain reactions back to basic material production, which the republic didn’t have huge amounts of natural resources in the first place, often importing them.

As such, the representatives of the republic have been called into emergency session to either look for new markets to expand into, lobby the emperor beyond their people in the houses to decrease the current tariffs, and to open up the idea of exploration and expansion, so as to give the shipyards something to build on a large scale.

Other exports include cybernetics and walkers. Cybernetics range from basic enhancement and correction to replacing and adding limbs. Their walkers have multiple designs that range from anything that helps with construction to war.

Appearance: Dathmiirins are stocky beings around 4’6’’ to 5’ tall with four arms, two legs, furry bodies, and bright eyes.

Military Prowess: The Dathmiir Republic has a mediocre standing military, despite producing many military craft. The reason for this is that much of the military hardware that is created by the republic is produced for the empire as a whole. They maintain the necessary ships for self-defense and host groups of Imperial Knights. The other notable thing is that the Dathmiir Republic hosts a sort of militia. Not as well trained or equipped as the Knights, but usually enough to handle serious situations, pirates, robberies, murderers, civil unrest (which is rare), without the need of the Knights.
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Night's Faction: Dathmiir Republic
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