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 The Cosmopolitan State -WIP-

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The Cosmopolitan State -WIP- Empty
PostSubject: The Cosmopolitan State -WIP-   The Cosmopolitan State -WIP- Icon_minitime1Wed May 18, 2016 2:14 am

Star Nation's Name:
The Cosmopolitan State

Their government is a unitary republic. Their republic is comprised of three major branches, mimicking the branches of government from long before, ranging from the legislative, to the judicial, to the executive branches. In addition to that fact, the government is highly bureaucratic, and tends to be inefficient most of the time. The government has numerous laws put in place because of this, ranging from making Sentient AI illegal to create, all the way to making certain numbers illegal.

How It Works
Individuals are elected from within the three major planets, Thebes, Neapolis, and Earth/Luna. After all 20 of them get elected, they then decide amongst themselves who will have power within the State.

Major Leaders
President – Jacob Ryans
Head of the Legislative branch – Robert Malkovich
Head of both the Judicial branch, and the Police force of the State – Christina Lamb
Director of the Intelligence community – Alexander Swanson
Director of the Military forces of man – Yi Hua

Current Economic Status
Despite the fact that the rebellions have occurred recently, the economy of the CS has remained strong and stable, thanks to the government investing trillions into corporations, in a hurried attempt to make up for any losses that could have occurred when the Realm, Confederates, and the Kriegers broke away. Although this has resulted in them accumulating a fair amount of debt, they’ve made up for this by offering securities to the corporations that didn’t face as many financial difficulties during the rebellions.

In addition to this, the government has begun to introduce stricter restrictions when it comes to trade, and has reintroduced the concept of staple ports, forcing trade to move through certain channels, in order to improve the economies of important planets within their borders.

Largest Corporations:
The Central Cosmopolitan Monetary Authority – The CCMA, functioning as the national bank of the CS, operates from its headquarters on Earth. They’re in charge of the monetary supply of the state, and as a result, they have the ability to both print money, and they also control all gold/silver/platinum mining operations within CS borders.

In addition to this, they also have the ability to purchase stakes in a corporation that’s nearing bankruptcy, in an attempt to preserve the jobs of the workers. They also create a lot of the propaganda surrounding banking, saving, and the like. The main message of the propaganda being that consumerism is good, and saving large quantities of cash is seen as taboo. Their tactics have worked so far, which they’re thankful for.

Story Corp. - “Let us tell you a tale” - Story Corp., as it’s commonly known, is the largest mass media corporation within the State. Government-owned, the company delivers news and information to its viewers through various mediums, including radio shows, news channels, etc.. On top of this, the company also owns a music label, Galaxis Entertainment, and various video game and movie production corporations.

Quite a fair amount of controversy surrounds Story Corp., since although it’s a free alternative to other private news companies, the government has a lot more influence in what’s said. As one controversial example, they refused to air any details on the war with the Krieg, even going so far as to block other reporters from doing so.

-Will add more whenever-

Current Military Power
The Cosmopolitan Military has been getting stronger and stronger, even since the start of the civil war. What with the massive civil war, and the rebellions afterwards, their captains, admirals, soldiers, and everyone else has been getting a lot of experience. In addition to this, their technology has advanced greatly since the start of the civil war, and they’re currently modernizing their navy and army.

This civil war has helped bring humanity to a level where, at the very least, they won’t be that big of a pushover if any single faction tried to take them on, one for one.
Number of Habitable Worlds: 18

Major Worlds/Points of Interest:

Earth/The Moon: Known as Terra and Luna in official documents, Earth and its moon are considered by others to be the most important planet within the Cosmopolitan State. Having been the origin of humanity, the central location of the renaissance that lasted over 40 years, and one of the major powers during the conflict with Thebes and Neapolis, Earth has been a major player within the history of the human race, and even to this day, the planet itself is a central trading power, having authorized itself to be the staple port for electronics, food, clothing, and the like.

Neapolis: One of the first planets colonized during the era of mass colonization that occurred after the Egalitarian Wars, Neapolis is considered one of the core worlds, and with that, comes a long past. Having originated as a safe haven for religious and conservative individuals that fled Earth in the aftermath of the EW, Neapolis was almost always opposed to Terran policies. This conflict over who should be the capital, and thus the center, of the human empire would continue for around two centuries, only ending after the bloody civil war, in which Earth, and its admirals and generals, proved their sovereignty, although they still gave several rights to the Neapolitan peoples, wanting to avoid having to deal with another major, and taxing, civil war.

Port Avlita: One of the major planets within the State that exists outside of the core worlds, Port Avlita is considered to be gambling capital of the State, with 100s of billions of people coming through every year, and spending even more money in the various casinos.

Port Avlita experienced a lot of growth, on par with any other major planet outside of the core world, having originated as a mere freighter port, and now having one of the largest economies within the State.

Religious Beliefs (if Any)
Although the State itself proclaims itself to be atheist, varying religious beliefs, ranging from the Abrahamic faiths, to pagan faiths, exist within the State. One of the largest sources would be Neapolis, whose ancestors came from Earth during the Egalitarian Wars.

Force Declaration Sheet
-Will type this up in separate document later-


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The Cosmopolitan State -WIP- Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Cosmopolitan State -WIP-   The Cosmopolitan State -WIP- Icon_minitime1Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:42 pm

Name: Fleet Commander Vick Dosttian
Age: 34
Species: Human
Allegiance: The Cosmopolitan State
Bio: Born on an outer colony, Vick had to struggle against being locked in the mining industry of the planet. Short black hair, piercing brown eyes, and a large burn plastered across his face, Vick has the tendency to intimidate others upon first impressions. His personality matches up fairly well, until you get to know him quite well where you can find that he can be fairly relaxed when off duty. If someone forcibly pressed him, he’d label himself a Cadaverian.

Name: Lin Meiren
Age: 19
Species: Human
Allegiance: The Cosmopolitan State
Bio: Born on a trading vessel, she’s known that and the continuous chatter of the cultures across the Cosmopolitan State. Busy, rushed, her short blond hair frazzled with the number of times she’s run her hand through it. Green eyes, and largely a Korrinthian, she is often wrapped up in business and has no time to slow down for things. Until the ship takes a wrong turn on a trade route in CoS space.
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The Cosmopolitan State -WIP-
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