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 The Olin System, 2287(Historical)

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The Olin System, 2287(Historical) Empty
PostSubject: The Olin System, 2287(Historical)   The Olin System, 2287(Historical) Icon_minitime1Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:40 pm

(I'm posting the RP that me and Night did here.)

8:26 PM - Nightshade13666: Knight Vicky: The listening post sits, rather isolated, within the Olin system. It’s quiet, which is almost surprising for the crew, since there were bustling crews and mining ships coming into and out of the system, mining for the civil war. Now, though, there’s only silence, and the crew begins to nod off as they look at the various monitors and holoscreens. One crew member asks, “You think that we’ll ever have something to do,” while she plays with her hair, and another crew member responds with, “Just be quiet and continuing looking at your screen. You know that we must always be prepared and read----,” only to get interrupted by her, with her responding with, “Ready to protect the State, and blah blah blah. You don’t have to keep spewing rhetoric at me. They can’t hear us. They don’t care about us.” She turns her gaze back towards her screen and looks at the monitor. She looks at the small system around them, and remembers everything that she was told about how this system is home to a keyhole that they were never able to explore further. She then sighs and plays with her hair again.
Knight Vicky: // I imagine that it's sort of a choke point.
Nightshade13666: //Yah same
Nightshade13666: *Erupting out of that unexplored keyhole comes an unidentified ship. Your first impression would be that its alien, your second would be that it's bloody fast. It's appearance is a long boxy cylindar with several expanding ridges that fully expands into several engine blocks. There are obvious weapon batteries in several turrets across the ship. The engines burn a bright blue and leave an obvious trail behind their flames that expand beyond the ship's width. It's painted a strange mirage of bright blue and green that makes one think of a calm pasture or loose forest with a bright clear sky.*
Knight Vicky: The female crew member looks down at the screen in surprise as she watches the gleaming dot moving across it. She blinks for a second, before she raises her hand, and the screens around them turn on.
8:27 PM - Nightshade13666: Everyone looks at the them in surprise as cameras around the station and in low orbit around some planets capture the movement of this alien ship. Its paint and color scheme does remind them of a calm pasture, and they all stare silently. Eventually, the officer gets up out of his seat, and he exclaims, “Thea, we shall contact this species, and learn more about them!” A feminine voice coming from various loudspeakers says, “Yes, sir,” and the lights begin to dim. In the center of the room, a massive circular holoscreen shows up, and it displays an elaborate starting up sequence. When it’s done, the voice says, “Starting communications now, sir,” as a signal gets sent towards the alien ship. Everyone looks at the screen in anticipation, wondering what this will be like.
Nightshade13666: *It's answered almost immediately and alien voices and language starts streaming through. The interior itself is just as decorated as the exterior except that, this time, it's dark purple and black interwoven in strange waves and rivers. There is also a claxon blaring*
Nightshade13666: The one on the center of the screen shouts to someone off the screen then turns back and says something just as intelligable.
Nightshade13666: To you.
Nightshade13666: The appearance is of a tan humanoid with fanged teath, catlike eyes, and what appears to be scars going up and down its body.
Nightshade13666: It also has blue-grey eyes and tan hair.
8:27 PM - Nightshade13666: Nightshade13666: And sounds quite urgent.
Knight Vicky: The officer looks at the alien, looking its appearance over. The officer himself is pretty average, with fair skin, black hair, and brown eyes. He's also quite slender. He then turns towards one of the loudspeakers, and asks, "Is there any chance that you can analyze the language, and help smooth out communications?" The words are just as unintelligible to the alien, and Thea responds back, explaining that she can, but they’d have to go through the basics first. The officer merely nods, before he turns towards the alien. Going with ‘standard’ protocol, he holds his hand out, with the flat palm facing them. It’s done with the assumption that it’ll have a similar cultural meaning, in an attempt to calm the alien down, and tell the alien stop without saying any words. The officer then raises his other hand, and the alien sees a holoscreen rise alongside the other hand. The officer then points to it as a picture pops up, containing a large amount of people in a New York City-esque setting. He then raises his eyebrows and waits for the alien to say something, before he flicks his finger, displaying a picture of a medieval castle. This continues on for a few minutes.
Knight Vicky: // What they're trying to do, or what 'Thea' is trying to do, is learn their language by seeing how they respond to pictures, and then attempt to put all the data together.
Knight Vicky: // Kinda like if a child was pointing to a ball, and then they're told that it's a ball, or something along those lines.
Knight Vicky: // Thea's an AI, by the way.
Nightshade13666: // ok, makes sense
8:27 PM - Nightshade13666: Knight Vicky: // Of course, it also includes actions like kicking. Just... yeah.
Nightshade13666: The person on the screen looks slightly confused, and extends his palm in a similar fashion. He looks no less agitated and the ship keeps rocketing forward. This also seems to prompt more voices to be heard in the background, to which the person belows at. They cease and he returns to facing the screen. He ignores the holo and tries saying a few more words before stopping, thinking, then slowly mimes tucking and covering his head. He repeats this several times, before a shout causes him to look even more worried. And all the while the alarm continues blaring in the background.
Knight Vicky: The officer looks at this for a second. Although unsure of what’s going on, he can definitely tell that something’s wrong. He turns his gaze towards one of the officers in the room, and yells, “Tell me what’s going on with them!” The officer towards turns her computer, trying to analyze what she can of their ship, while the officer quickly gets up. He has a message that he needs to send, and as he leaves, the person on the other end, sees a woman seemingly pop up out of nowhere, and she turns her gaze towards them, worryingly. An image suddenly shows up on their screen, consisting of a fire, before it goes away after a short moment, with the womans face popping back up. Behind the scenes, and the man heads towards the front of the room, sending a signal out to a fleet that’s stationed in a nearby system. He alerts the fleet, but he also warns the fleet not to intervene unless it’s absolutely necessary. The other crew members within the room begin to try and figure out the problem, and see if there’s a solution for it.
8:27 PM - Nightshade13666: Nightshade13666: What you get from the scan is somewhat revealing. The ship is, on the whole, running at 500 degrees celcius (932 Fahrenheit) and areas of the ship reach up into the thousands. The person points violently at the image of the flame, then repeats the ducking motion. Raising both hands, palms open, he slowly puts a finger down, then another.
Knight Vicky: // Today's just not their day, is it?
Nightshade13666: // Core explosions usually aren't.
Knight Vicky: // Mm, how will the State be able to solve this problem...
Nightshade13666: // well, considering the countdown, I don't think you want to try to fix the core.
Nightshade13666: // numbers remain the universal language
Knight Vicky: // Yep. Hm, maybe they'd suggest evacuating, and heading to their station, or maybe send another ship to help out the survivors.
Knight Vicky: // I imagine that evacuation is... maybe plausible.
Nightshade13666: // You'll see why they won't get into escape pods. The explosion is going to be a tad large. Which is why he's been trying to convey "duck and cover" to you.
8:27 PM - Nightshade13666: Knight Vicky: She looks at the screen for a second, before her eyes widen. The holoscreen turns off, and emergency shields kick in as she yells, “Get down,” through the station. Right at that second, everyone hides behind and underneath sturdy objects. Power throughout most of the post gets redirected towards the shields, in an attempt to keep them from breaking. The various crew members look at each other and the officer in charge before they brace themselves for the massive shockwave that’s bound to occur at any second.
Nightshade13666: It's fingers reach zero, and he slams on a strange metal helmet and tightens the straps. He belows something. On the sensors a small, dense object rockets out of the top of the figate, near the engine block. It's extremely bright, and it's temperature is past 5000 degrees celcius. In fact, if all your readings are correct, you're looking at a star. It's shoots up for about thirty oddly calm seconds, in which the ship continues hurling forward. Then, it explodes. The shockwave flings the ship as a child would throw a paper airplane. It reaches the station, hammering into it's shields. A torrent of plasmetic fire expands from the point of detonation and radiation temporarily wipes out all communication.
Nightshade13666: // brb
Nightshade13666: // back
Knight Vicky: // Welcome back.
Nightshade13666: // ty
8:28 PM - Nightshade13666: Knight Vicky: The sheer pressure manages to unhitch the female crew members, and although she doesn’t go very far, she does rub her head as she looks. The lights in the room are spazzing out as a result, turning on and off over and over as the screens grow crazier by the second thanks to the radiation. At times, they suggest that millions of ships are in the area, before immediately suggesting that there aren’t any whatsoever. The screens eventually shut down, mainly thanks to the built-in fail-safe, but she still looks around. Outside of the station, nearing the edge of the system, a keyhole begins to open, as the fleet has grown suspicious thanks to the near-instantaneous loss of communications with the station, and although ships haven’t poured on through yet, it’s only a matter of time until they do. One of the crew members calls out for Thea, although they don’t receive a response.
Nightshade13666: A stuttering connection is suddenly made and, while the screens don't work, you can hear the same alien calling out. Apparently, their ship is designed to operate in extremely high radiation, although their ship can't be in any decent state due to the explosion.
Knight Vicky: The station grows quiet for a second, but the alien eventually hears Theas voice again. Given all the static, it's not very hard to guess that something got screwed up by the explosion, but the voice on the other end sounds at least somewhat comforting. They can't understand a word that she's saying, but the alien can definitely hear her speaking slowly, almost as if to try and calm the alien down, or possibly the crew members within the listening post. That doesn't exactly matter, though. Whether their scanners are working or not, it's not very hard to tell that something else has entered the system. That entity has also sent out a request to communicate with the alien, and the code it's sending is similar to the one used by the listening post.
8:28 PM - Nightshade13666: Nightshade13666: The person seems to sigh in relief. And accepts the hail. Visual is choppy, but it's there and it can also been seen that the alien ship is tumbling through space, trying to right itself with manuvering thrusters. A portion of the engine block can be seen flying away in another direction. The person speaks quite calmly now that it knows the station at least survived the explosion.
Knight Vicky: The woman on the other end seems similar to the one that popped up out of nowhere back on the other ship. In an attempt to continue the process that was halted when the explosion occurred, she raises her left hand, and the alien sees the same starting picture from before. She motions for him to try and describe what's in the picture, and she holds up one finger, presumably to indicate that the alien should describe it using one word. She then flips through the pictures, much slower compared to the officer.
Nightshade13666: The alien aquieces, likely understanding that this is a first contact procedure. They themselves have one but are in no real shape to go about it as the ship slowly rights itself. It should also be noted that the original bright lights are gone and what appears to be green emergency lighting has taken its place.
Knight Vicky: After going through a bunch of pictures containing a wide variety of actions, silence floods the receivers on their end, before they hear a voice like Theas, speaking in their language, although the translating is pretty rough. It's not too difficult for them to fill in the blanks, though. She says, "Who are you, and what sparked your arrival into Cosmopolitan space?" Although her sentence was highly choppy, and it would've taken them a few seconds to piece together the word "Cosmopolitan", she said it slowly enough for them comprehend it, at least to the degree where they might understand the meaning.
8:29 PM - Nightshade13666: Nightshade13666: He responds just as slowly. "We came for exploration, we are the Children of Steel. We aplogize for the damage our core caused. We are on emergency power and would like help."
Knight Vicky: She looks at them for a second, before she says, "Well, the 303rd fleet would be more than glad to assist. Due to potential differences, however, I'd have to ask you if there are any accomodations that are necessary for your survival if you wish to leave your ship while we look into repairing it." She holds up one hand, and they see individuals wearing specialized suits and entering dropships.
Nightshade13666: He lists off a standard earth atmosphere. "We await your approach and meet you outside as we have no hanger."

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The Olin System, 2287(Historical)
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