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 Rose's Character Pile

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PostSubject: Rose's Character Pile   Rose's Character Pile Icon_minitime1Wed Jun 22, 2016 12:22 pm

Anju Corellon

Age: 173

Race: Forest Elf

Origin: Hakari

Occupation: Healer

Bio: Anju is the niece to Elion Jhaeros, a wealthy man residing in a small city in Hakari. She was raised with his family at hardly eight years old, her mother dying in childbirth and her father a commonly traveling man who didn’t have time to raise a child. She was a generally happy child, her uncle and his wife Ylisse a kind and happy couple. The pair had been unlucky when it came to a child of their own, and were more than happy to call Anju their own when her father essentially dumped her at their estate.

Her childhood was ordinary - she had friends and a loving family as she grew. Though once she hit sixty one, a thunderstorm brewed and lightening struck the forest around her home while her and her uncle were away - Ylisse still inside. Upon their return, she found the home in flames and her aunt had barely made it out alive. She was severely burned, and died from her injuries merely hours later because help had not arrived in time.

It was about then that Anju vowed that none would suffer the same fate the only mother she had ever known had, and dedicated herself to healing from then on.

So now, at 173 (becoming a fully fledged healer at 170), she is searching for a new job and seeing where the wind takes her.

Personality: “I swear your deities, if you don’t get yourself back into bed and rest like you’re supposed to be, I will personally knock you unconscious.”

Anju’s the kind of woman who comes across as the motherly type - a sweet and gentle disposition and a welcoming smile. She’s a supportive person, willing to talk to someone about something troubling them and always willing to lend a hand to someone in need. However, she’s not so sweet and gentle as to let people walk all over her. Anju is as stubborn as she is sweet and refuses to back down to a challenge, sometimes to the point of being her own downfall.  

When it comes to healing, though, Anju takes even less BS from her patients. If she tells you to be on bed rest, be on bed rest, because otherwise she will come after you with the anger of a mother bear who just had her cub picked up by a human.

Appearance: Anju’s red hair falls to about her mid back and has a slight curl to it, just enough to give her massive bedhead in the mornings. Her eyes are a pretty emerald green and her skin is rather fair, freckles spattered all across her skin. She stands at 5’8”, her tall frame slightly curvy, and her hands are just a bit small for her frame.

Her usual attire consists of a white dress that reaches about to her mid calf, with a slit running up to her mid thigh over her left leg. A pale gold sash is tied underneath her bust and she wears a pair of light blue boots, extending to just above her knees with a flat heel; the sleeves of her gown detached and covering the backs of her hands to fasten around her middle finger and leave her palm exposed. In cooler months, she wears a pale blue cloak trimmed in delicate gold stitching that fastens around her neck.


-Sanitatum (Staff): The clear crystal in her staff is a conduit for her healing magic, enabling her to use it for longer periods of time without exhausting her energy. She can, however, use her magic without it - though she only does it for larger bursts of power for urgent injuries, and usually is significantly weakened afterwards.

-Argentum (Dagger): An iron dagger usually strapped to her thigh. She knows basic self defense skills, but is nowhere near skilled enough to be considered anyone of true danger.

Rose's Character Pile Latest?cb=20130119145407
*Swap the green with the pale blue here.

Rose's Character Pile Art-sakimichan-devushka-elf
*Anju's face because I suck at doing pictures justice with my explanations.

Lilith “Lily” Beauregard

Age: 29

Race: Human

Origin: Born in Majin, but immigrated to Mu-Arishi when she was eleven.

Occupation: Poses as the Lord Captain’s personal maid in front of most, but is actually a trained assassin and is officially titled the King of Shadows. (Will elaborate more once I finish clarifying her specific duties with Comps.)

Bio: Born to a pair of Calidrian spies on the western coast, Lilith Beauregard was raised from the moment she could walk to be the perfect killing machine - her father wanting her to follow in their footsteps and eventually take out threats to the country of Majin. Unfortunately, her father never lived to see their child reach that goal -when Lily was eleven, he himself was assassinated and her mother managed to put her on a ship to Mu-Arishi before she was arrested and later executed.

Once in Mu-Arishi, Lilith was taken in by a trio of freelance assassins who continued her training upon seeing her take down a grown man three times her size who tried to take her food from her. She lived with Castiel, Eva, and Arwen until she was 24, by then a fully fledged assassin who was highly successful at her job.

When she turned twenty-four she received a contract - a contract to kill the then Lord Captain of the Black Company. Under the guise of a maid she infiltrated the headquarters, sneaking into his room that night and preparing to slit his throat. She would have if not for the fact that she was caught by one Galvin Cross, and managed to do quite a number on him before help arrived and she was detained.

The very same Lord Captain she had been assigned to kill offered her job, one that she honestly couldn't refuse, and she’s been with the Black Company ever since.

Personality: Lilith is quite the flirtatious woman, though she knows when to get serious. She is kind and almost motherly if she actually cares about you, but if she doesn't know you too well, she may come across as somewhat indifferent. She loves a neat workspace, and sometimes falls a little too far into the maid facade - there have been several times where she's just decided to clean a room from top to bottom when that honestly isn't even in her job description. She’s an intelligent woman and a bit of a smartass - although she respects her superiors, she isn't afraid to be a bit sassy if they give her any sort of BS.

Appearance: Lilith stands at a mere 4’9”, though she has a far more curvy figure than one might expect. Her dark pink hair reaches just above the backs of her knees and is usually pulled back into a thick braided ponytail, her bangs swept back and pinned by her ear under a white bonnet. Her ponytail is held up by an aqua blue ribbon, tied in an off-center bow that let the ends trail loosely down her back. This is paired with her usual maid’s attire: a knee length grey dress with a circle skirt and white cuffed sleeves, a white apron, black flats, and a pair of stockings. She usually has a knife strapped to her thigh, and occasionally a small dagger sheathed and tucked into her cleavage.

On missions, however, her attire is different. Her hair is in a single Dutch braid and wrapped into a bun, and a bandana-like piece of fabric covers the lower portion of her face. She’s clad in a black body suit and a bullet proof vest, and a hood covers her head to keep her rather odd hair from being noticed too much. Her arms are covered in black bracers and her hands clad in fingerless gloves, mostly for getting a better grip on her blades. Various blades are concealed on her person, as well as a few visible ones like the one strapped to her thigh.

Weapons/Equipment: Several different daggers of various sizes and lengths. In mission gear, there is one in each combat boot, one strapped to her right thigh, one in each arm bracer, and the pins in her hair are actually stilettos in disguise for her to use. Strapped to her back is either a three pronged trident or a spear for more distance based fighting.

In maid attire, her only blades are the small one concealed in her cleavage and the one strapped to her thigh under her dress just in case.

Trident - http://sunrise-oasis.deviantart.com/art/opal-trident-for-kitt-13254364
Spear - http://www.deviantart.com/art/Moonsilver-Spear-301046475
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PostSubject: Re: Rose's Character Pile   Rose's Character Pile Icon_minitime1Wed Jun 22, 2016 12:31 pm

Rima Buchanan

Age: 31

Race: Tengu, Heron

Origin: Mu-Arishi

Occupation: Former bandit, currently searching for an actual job after a massive falling out with her ‘colleagues’.

Bio: Rima Buchanan was the child of two former Black Company members, her father (Jonah Starling) turning traitor and running from the company before he could be caught giving information to the enemy. Her mother, Valentina, fled the company in fear that something would happen to her and her unborn child. The former Annalist erased all records of her presence in the company and any information they had on her before Valentina Starling ceased to exist, becoming nothing more than a name they had nothing on.

It took six months before anything of note popped up, as Valentina had been early in her pregnancy when she fled. A birth certificate from a hospital close to the western border of Mu-Arishi, close to the country of Kanshin, for a little girl named Rima Buchanan. No father was listed for her, and her mother named Aya Buchanan. This wouldn't raise any red flags normally, except Aya seemed to only exist four months before Rima did. Nonetheless, ‘Aya’ and her child would continue to be safe - mostly since the Black Company never was given a chance to find them. Aya and Rima were constantly on the move, never staying long in a place before they moved again. Rima grew up quite happy, the little Tengu girl never treated poorly by the people she met or her mother she held so dear. Unfortunately, tragedy befell the pair when Rima’s mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and never made it to see her daughter’s twelfth birthday.

The girl could only survive in the only way she knew how - continue to move, be kind, and never stay still for long. She lived that way until she was fifteen, when she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and bandits came to raid the villages she was living in. As the homes burned, people cried out for loved ones, Rima was kidnapped and essentially forced to join the very people who destroyed her temporary home.

She had no choice but to work with them, fearing for her life but unable to do anything but comply for the next five years of her life. However, during the raid of a small Kanshin village, countless people were massacred simply because one child (barely a year old) began to cry for his mother. Something in her snapped, and she tried to fight her way to freedom for herself and several of the villagers who she, after found out did make it out alive - but she did not.

She was caught by the bandits, and as punishment, she was condemned to something no winged creature should have to endure: a life without flight. They sliced off one of her wings and left her close to death on the riverbank near a Hakari village, where your classic kind old woman found her and helped nurse her back to health. Said old woman was sweet Robin, an old Heron Tengu herself who helped Rima tap into her own magic as a way to defend herself. RIma was hesitant, at first, but soon found that the sweet woman was completely honest in who she was - and she was lonely.

Under Phoebe’s teaching, Rima discovered she had an affinity for fire magic - and became quite good at it over the next six years she stayed there. Unfortunately, Phoebe eventually passed on in her sleep, but not without a parting gift for Rima. Left in the kind old woman’s will was the red, two pronged pitchfork she had often seen leaned against a wall in Phoebe’s bedroom. It was enchanted in such a way that it would fly, giving the girl who felt as if she had lost everything a little ray of hope.

Five years later, Rima now wanders the landmasses, searching for just the right place to call home in the very end.

Personality: Rima is on the quieter side, preferring to keep her head down to focus on her magic and learning new spells rather than be open and social with new people. She’s hesitant to trust new people after a somewhat recent incident, but if you can be patient, she’ll trust you with everything she has.

Then you get to ticked off Rima and it’s like you opened up a new circle of hell. She can swear enough to make a sailor blush and even though she’s pint sized, she can knock you nine ways to the next moon cycle if you get her mad enough.

Appearance: Standing at five feet even, Rima is rather slender in build. Her blonde hair is cropped to her chin and generally has a bit of a windswept look going on, mostly because she spends so much time in the skies. Her eyes are a piercing blue and her ears are decked out in ungodly large and round red earrings, only matched by Princess Peach’s earrings in the Mario games.

Her attire sometimes comes across as odd when you first look at her. Her dress reaches a few inches above her mid thigh, and is completely open backed so her singular wing can be unhindered by any fabric. Her boots reach to her mid thigh and have a chunky high heel with them, giving her small frame a tad bit of a boost. Two green belts cross at her hips and her arms are covered in long black gloves that extend beyond her elbow, but in warmer climates she’ll switch them out for wrist length fingerless gloves. She wears a metal cuff bracelet on her left wrist and another metal band around her right bicep, where her gloves meet her skin.

Possibly the strangest part of her outfit is her long trench coat that she never really goes without. The sleeves have a hole for her arm to go through, but the remaining sleeve flaps pointlessly under her gloved arms. The sole purpose of this coat is for her to conceal her one wing, both keeping people from realizing she only has one and to keep others from seeing the nasty wound on her back. It’s trimmed in red embroidery, with black fur around the collar and sleeves with a few gold buttons to accentuate the brown coat.

-The red, two pronged pitchfork that was enchanted by Phoebe. Grants Rima the ability to fly once again.
-A pistol she keeps strapped to her left thigh and knife tucked into her belt on her right hip.
-Dabbles a bit in various fields of magic, but she tends to use destruction based magic (i.e. Fire, lightning)

Rose's Character Pile Cd5f498f76f45dd81d3652f2f2094d531412317849_full

Lucina Nostariel

Age: She lost count of how old she was once she passed her six hundred and fifty-fourth birthday.

Race: Vampire, “Pure Blood”

Origin: Lucina herself was born in Jirmushi, but the exact location is impossible to track down due to her many identities.

Occupation: Mercenary for hire under the Black Company’s employment. Anything she does, goes through them.

Bio: “The longer I live, the more painful it gets to leave everything behind.”

Lucina Nostariel is a mystery in herself, all records of her ending suddenly around 613 years ago. She was born in Jirmushi and raised with her younger sister, Yona, in the same home until she was eighteen. This is about when she joined the Black Company, enlisting as a soldier and serving until she was about thirty. She was a highly respected mercenary, but once she turned 35, she began receiving questions as to why she hadn't seemed to age a day even though everyone around her was suffering the consequences of the rough life as a Black Company soldier.

In order to hide her identity as a vampire (as they were believed to be extinct), she went on a solo mission and never returned to the company - later being declared dead, even though the Company noted her ‘body’ was never recovered.

This pattern continued until she was 325, traveling from Kanshin, to Majin, to Hakari, and to Jirmushi to serve in various forces around the landmass. Each time she’d claim to be human, serving as long as she could before she had to run and pretend to die all over again. She used various names and identities over time, so many names connected to one face that it became impossible to find any solid information on her when her then identity was ever investigated. As much as she loved Mu-Arishi and the Black Company, she couldn't return, in fear of someone of a different race recognizing her if they lived long enough.

She eventually began to take on the identities of different people, dropping the mercenary act and taking cover as merchants and traveling nobles whenever she needed to. Lucina then went into hiding at 589, feeling as if she had drawn too much attention to herself over time with all of her identities. So, she traveled to Mu-Arishi, hiding in the ruins of various cities and taking cover there. Currently, Lucina Nostariel is hiding under her given name at the base of the abandoned Flying City in hopes that she can wait a few decades and figure out her next move.

Personality: Lucina is an interesting character, once you get to know her. She tends to not get close to people after a few rounds of having to leave them all behind after a decade or two, but if she actually does get close to you, you’ll find she’s very protective of her comrades. She’s quite motherly and a calm character, most finding her difficult to anger. The only true way to tick her off is to either threaten the ones she loves, or if you give her a real reason to drive her rapier through your throat (for example, she doesn't take kindly to traitors of any sort).

Appearance: Lucina stands at about five foot ten, definitely on the taller side of the spectrum. She has a few good curves and is not shy about admitting that fact, and she tends to dress in a way that hasn't been “in style” on the land masses for god knows how long, so...she sticks out a bit. Her hair, a pretty shade of white, is tied up into a bun and her bangs fall over her right eye since they're too short to fit into her bun. Her eyes are a gorgeous shade of icy blue and her skin has a tad bit of a tan to it, but is pretty fair in comparison to most people’s skin.

The only way you’d know she was a vampire was if you got a good look at her fangs, which aren't really that long, or if you could feel how cold her skin is (since, you know, she has no blood flow).

Her base attire consists of a navy blue corset layered over a chiffon blouse, the corset nipping in an already narrow waist and emphasizing her ample bust with a sweetheart neckline. Her blouse is high collared and has long, slightly puffy sleeves, which have large cutouts from her shoulder to a few inches below her elbows. The bottom half of her corset is layered over high waisted white pants, which fit quite snugly and comfortably over her body. Her pants are tucked into thigh high grey boots with a five inch heel, adding a fair about of height to her already tall frame.

Layered over her clothes is a vest, which is a bit more like a sleeveless jacket in the way it hangs down past her knees. It fastens at her waist and neck, the clasp at her neck a silver brooch inlaid with a large ruby. The garment is white in color and is trimmed in dark grey, and she tucks the sleeves of her shirt into black gloves that extend to the middle of her forearm.

On her ring finger of her left hand, beneath the gloves and between her ring finger and pinky finger, is a simple tattoo in script that says “always”. She generally keeps it hidden, and she plans to get more tattoos in memorial of some of her lost comrades, but for now it's her own little secret.

Rose's Character Pile Winter_by_bl0rp-d9gqgy1
Rose's Character Pile Winter_schnee_by_lunecho-d9ss1kq

Weapons/Equipment: The only consistent piece of equipment she’s had through the her life is Malefic Song, a sword passed down through her father’s line as a relic of the Crimson Age. It comes from a time where beasts had to be slain for others to survive, and despite the slender blade, is sturdier than most blades produced in the current day.

(Black grip and red gemstone instead of both being blue.)

Rose's Character Pile Rapier_by_vandred
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PostSubject: Why are all of my characters female help   Rose's Character Pile Icon_minitime1Sat Jul 09, 2016 8:54 pm


Age: Eight

Race: Human

Origin: Unsure, but she only knows the lands of Mu-Arishi at this point in time.

Occupation: She’s literally a child with no memories. No.

Bio: Greta is completely unsure of her background, her first memories only coming from when she awoke in a field near the Flying City in Mu-Arishi. Her only companion is her young Caribou buck, who she has named Charlie and loves dearly.

Personality: Greta is a bubbly and happy girl, and quite intelligent for her age. She doesn't quite understand a lot yet, but she focuses on the positive and really does anything to put a smile on someone’s face.

Appearance: Greta is pretty average in size for an eight year old girl, though maybe a tad on the smaller side if you really want to get into the comparisons. Her hair is a pretty light brown color and her eyes are bright hazel, paired with a freckle-spattered face and somewhat fair skin. She doesn't know how long her hair was before, but now it reaches her backside and she hasn't exactly had the time for a haircut.

She doesn't like wearing shoes, which means she’s constantly barefoot no matter the situation. She wears a knee length grey dress with puffy white sleeves, a turquoise ribbon tied into a bow around her neck with the collar of her dress. Greta does have a pair of white gloves she awoke with, but considering she likes to climb trees, she doesn't wear them. She’s worn them exactly twice, both times when she was first feeding Charlie berries and leaves.

Charlie, just because Greta feels as if he should be included, is your average Caribou who has a thick blue ribbon around his neck with a little bell Greta found attached to it.

Weapons/Equipment: I don't think an eight year old would be at all likely to have any weapons...and I don't think Charlie counts, but he’s an asshole to everyone but Greta and likes to take out people’s ankles.

Khione Rothomir

Age: 328

Race: Forest Elf

Origin: Her family comes from Hakari, but she was born and raised in Jirmushi due to the history her family has with the Academy of Spellcraft.

Occupation: She is a historian, traveling the continents in search of stories and artifacts from the Crimson Age for the Academy of Spellcraft. Aside from finding stories, she shares them; singing the ballads of old and enchanting audiences with Illusionary magic to tell her stories with.

Bio: Born in the cold of Jirmushi, Khione was raised in the halls of the Academy of Spellcraft where her mother was a professor. She spent much of her time with her father in the libraries, and whenever he had a moment, he’d tell her tales of the heroes of the Crimson Age that he himself had learned word for word from the library itself. If you asked Khione, she’d tell you that those were the days that her love for history began to grow from. She would also tell you this is where she sort of lost much familial contact with her mother, but her mother wasn't the greatest parent, so she doesn't see it as a true loss.

She served as her father’s apprentice officially once she was about 65, though she had been helping him maintain the shelves since she could walk. However, just when she turned 129, her father was provided an opportunity to search for the artifacts of the Crimson Age by the Academy. He considered it for a while, but was presented with a choice: leave Khione and his wife behind, or remain in the library and send someone else in his stead.

He ended up choosing to stay, but Khione herself was the one he chose to go instead of himself. However, the Academy was hesitant about her capabilities - sending her on small missions and hunts around Jirmushi before they set her loose on the rest of the continents.

Once she turned 250, the Academy finally decided she was ready after decades of learning and training. Since then, Khione has been searching for the artifacts and tales she is yet to learn of - but remains in close contact with her father between journeys and during returns to Jirmushi to report her findings on occasion. (As she travels across continents, and it takes her a while to efficiently investigate, she doesn't report as frequently as some others may report to a boss).

Personality: Despite being older than the massive human adult population, Khione has quite the childish air about her. At the simple mention of any kind of story, she’ll practically fall over herself trying to get your attention so she can hear it. She does know when to get serious, however, especially when it comes to work. Friends of hers will refer to her as a “little sister type”, despite the fact that she’s usually far older than all of them.

Appearance: Khione stands at roughly 5’5”, with sky blue hair that reaches just below her buttocks. Golden eyes are framed with equally blue lashes, and her tanned skin is covered with freckles just from all her time spent in the sun during her travels.

Her attire is a floor length, strapless dress in a pretty white color. A slit runs up her left side, from the floor up to her hip for dancing purposes. Aqua blue ribbons criss-cross over her breasts and stomach, with a simple white ribbon around her neck. Her arms are covered in long white gloves that extend above her elbows and over her palms, but stop just at her lowest knuckles to leave her fingers exposed.

Weapons/Equipment: No weapons, as she has no combat capabilities. She does have a white staff, however, which doubles as a club if somebody gets too touchy-feely.
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PostSubject: Forgot to post this one with the previous two because I'm stupid   Rose's Character Pile Icon_minitime1Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:59 pm


Age: 19

Race: Merfolk (Koi subspecies)

Origin: The ocean of Cidicryse.

Occupation: Her main goal in her life is to avoid contact with others, as she is extremely shy. But...she collects things that stir up the sand at the bottom of the sea, sometimes keeping them and sometimes gathering enough courage to offer them to the passing travelers.

Bio: Ondine was once a talkative child, despite her stutter that drew the negative attention of her peers, and tried her best to make friends. However, the one friend she had made was also the same ‘friend’ who made her so afraid to talks through an unfortunate series of events where her classmates tried to push her into a fisherman’s net during a class excursion.

Ondine essentially lived in silence after that event, attending school for as long as she had to and leaving to search for a quiet place of her own to live. Now...she’s happy, even though her home is a bit cluttered with all of the things she’s collected over time. She has always been curious about the surface, but is too afraid of the ships she can see cutting through the water overhead to do anything about her curiosity.

Personality: Ondine almost takes the meaning of the word “taciturn” to the extreme. For one, she was never taught the surface languages, and she prefers to live in solitude rather than interact with other Merfolk. Speaking to others makes her highly anxious, and she has a natural stutter she tries her best to keep under control if the situation arises that she needs to speak. But, considering she spends her time accompanied by only the fish who swim the nearby reefs, she never really needs to.

Appearance: Feeling lazy, have a picture instead of my usual description.

Rose's Character Pile Final_koi_mermaid_and_little_fish_by_driany-d6wk7zd

Weapons/Equipment: Nope.
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