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 The Pirates (WIP)

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PostSubject: The Pirates (WIP)   The Pirates (WIP) Icon_minitime1Fri Jun 24, 2016 8:48 pm

(This is more a character dump than a faction. Sorry ^^")

There is no government here, these pirates are simply scavengers who eke out their living by pillaging the scrap of the yard and doing trades with different factions and other groups. Trading tech and secrets for cash and new technology. In a cycle that is netting a slow but constant profit. This particular branch remains hidden in most cases, and is extraordinarily elusive to find. They are almost always the ones who initiate any form of contact. But they have a severe love for technology, both old and new.

Name: Firefly
Class: Pirate and Mercenary
Age: There are no records, but she claims 22.
Species: Human
Allegiance: To her group and her group alone.
Bio: Firefly is a notorious figure. She has links and connections to all manners of pirates and groups because of her reliability as a partner and her dangerousness as an enemy. She seems to be the current the leader of her small brigade, though she never claims so. She doesn't really ever raid a ship or take a ship under her control or anything that pirates might do. She simply likes the freedom that she gains from the word Pirate, so she calls herself that. She is very spontaneous and random in her decisions. She's also very bold and unafraid of almost every scenario. Not quite foolish but approaching the boundaries sometimes. Everytime a group or faction has tried to capture her or lure her into a trap, without fail she has gotten away and whatever ship she was on would vanish, only to be distributed as tech later. Or so the rumors say. But at the same time she has established regular customers, though they are few and far between. Usually people who she really likes, and by standards of the mercenaries and pirates who lurk the ship graveyard, is quite the reliable partner to them. As long as they understand where her priorities lie.
The Pirates (WIP) Agent+Firefly
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The Pirates (WIP)
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