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 RE: The Honorable Barbarians

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PostSubject: RE: The Honorable Barbarians   Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:22 pm

yo, ive decided to make a new race/civilization for pasty RP's.

Class: Barbarians
They commonly dress in light leather armor and wield heavy weapons (claymores, axes) They live by a strict code of honor.

You do not need to unneccesarily take life(if the battle is won, do not kill only maim, and do not maim unjustly)
Do not invoke mass bloodshed(dont trigger mass clan-wars or kingdom wars)
Only kill in self-defense, and kill sparsely
Respect warriors

They have four kinds of populations
20%=Warriors in-training
20%= Workmen(smiths, millmen)
10%=old wise civi's

Only about 10% of all warriors in-training become warriors, that gives you a scope of their population.

They are all elite warriors, a squad of them can easily defeat several platoons of normal soldiers.

All warriors-in-training are required to kill a platoon of soldieres by themselves to become warriors, their excersize regime is beastly and would kill normal humans.
These warriors live in seperate clans all throughout the mountains. Sometimes clans will raid eachother for needed supplies. But people dying are rare. Warriors are occasioanlyl hired out to train natural swordsmen.
Fenix mentioned 1 of his chars might b a part of this civi, if u wanna join, join by all means.
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PostSubject: Re: RE: The Honorable Barbarians   Wed Nov 11, 2009 4:43 am

barbarians have no honor...
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RE: The Honorable Barbarians
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