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 L4D story, tranferring to my devi

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PostSubject: L4D story, tranferring to my devi   Mon Nov 30, 2009 4:06 pm

When the infection hit Mercy City it hit it hard. Almost all the populace was affected, and mere hours after infection lost their minds becoming feral creatures. Some were luckier than others. They died or were killed by the zombie-like infectees others were unlucky, cursed to mutate into even more monstrous beings know as special infected. And a choice few were damned to hell, sealed in the bodies of a monster with the mind of their human selves. These poor infected try to hide from the constant harassment of the military and immune survivors in the city. By the second week of the infection nearly everyone was infected that could be. By the 2nd month the infection had spread from Mercy City down the east coast of the United States.

It was dark and rainy as usual outside the hotel. The common infected wandered about, some reliving human memories others just wanting to kill, waiting for their chance. Their groans and moans echoed through the city. In the building it was no different, most of the doors to the rooms were broken in, most of the zombies in the hotel gathered in the meeting hall where they had once defended themselves, but fallen. Barricades throughout the building still stood, though their occupiers were long dead or part of the horde.

In the penthouse suite an A-type cried, sitting in the dark. The door to her room closed so the other infected wouldn’t bother her. She held strings of memories, torn and tattered as the clothing she wore. Her long scythe-like claws flexed again and again as she looked at them, mouth agape horrified by what she’d become. She had sat like this for weeks, not able to grasps the fact she was a freak. And that the room she sat in had the shredded remains of her family scattered about. The dried blood on her claws made her wonder is she had done this terrible deed, but no memories of a slaughter were in her mind.

She paused her crying long enough to stand, and walk over to a dresser, avoiding the corpses in the room. She looked upon a mirror hug above it, running a claw to her faded blonde hair, now nearly gray. Her eyes were blood red now instead of the shining blue they had been. Looking upon her reflection she wondered if she should just end it, but decided against it. Even in her cursed body she had to have hoped she would return to normal. She walked towards the door realizing she was hungry for the first time since she was infected; her waist was so skinny you could clearly see her hip bones and ribs, even through the tattered remains of her clothing.

Meanwhile downstairs, another A-type sat in a chair in the empty lobby, listening to the rain outside. His black hoody hid his face, clawed hands in the pockets of his jeans. He enjoyed what he had become. Knew what great gift he had been given. He was faster and more agile that any other freak in the city. He grinned just thinking about all the fun stuff he could do now. Another infected stumbled through the door, this one was skinny, and female, even through the infection he could easily see she was a looker before she was infected. She looked at him a long moment, before walking on towards the kitchen. He’d seen her kind before a witch

“There’s no food in there” the man said plainly catching the witch’s attention. “Infected raided it soon after the survivors here fell” he added

“Then where can I find food?” the witch asked, turning towards him.

“Its all around” the man laughed, motioning to a common infected stumbling outside the lobby doors. The witch looked at him disgusted.

“I’m not a cannibal” she said

“You’re not a human” the man countered. The witch glared angrily at him, her already red eyes glowing brighter.

“Listen, hunter” the witch addressed him, using his special infected name “I’d better get some real food soon or ill just make due with you” she snarled.

“Whoa! Whoa! What’s wrong, You PMSing or somethin’? The hunter asked rudely, with a laugh. The witch’s anger was palpable in the air. The witch stormed out of the room in a hurry, her anger turning to sadness in a split second beginning to sob.

The witch was outraged. “Hunters are always so… so! Ugh!” she mumbled to herself, walking up the stairs. Not watching where she was going. She ran into a man, knocking him and her over. The man wheezed, coughing badly. The smell was of cigarettes, he was another special infected known as a smoker.

“Sorry about that” the smoker wheezed, getting up and helping the witch up as well. The witch was genuinely surprised. The smoker was tall, and wore an unzipped green jacket, a black t-shirt under it. His left arm had a bunch of bumps on it, he had the same thing on the left side of his face, to the point it didn’t look like he had two eyes. He also had a tongue that drooped out of his mouth, nearly reaching his shoulder-line

“You ok?” he asked, rubbing the back of his neck. The witch looked at him a long moment before walking away hurriedly without a word. The smoker stared after her a long moment before heading down the stairs she’d just ascended.

In the lobby the hunter sat still, waiting for his buddy to get down here so they can go hunting. The smoker came into view getting the attention of the hunter by a cough.

“Ready to go Jude?” the smoker asked the hunter. Jude got up and paced over to him.

“About time Len” he barked, heading out of the lobby, towards the exit. The smoker hurried to catch up.

“Something eatin’ at you Jude?” he asked the hunter as he threw open the door to the rainy outdoors.

“Its nothin’” Jude answered annoyed, jogging into the rain, the smoker struggled to keep up his breathing wheezing.

Only a few blocks away they came upon a survivor hold out. There was a red steel door locked, reinforcing the existing one in the small house. All the windows were barred, searchlights swung back and forth on its roof. Jude could smell the humans in the hideout, and grinned “3 of em’ ” he reported to the smoker. “One’s a girl” he said with a bigger grin. He crouched and leaped to the roof in a single bound

Len sighed “you’re the biggest womanizer I’ve ever met Jude” he mumbled shimmying up the drainage pipe, joining his friend up top. “We here to terrorize or for a meal?” he asked the hunter. He didn’t enjoy killing the humans, but he didn’t like being shot at either.

“Lets rattle their cage and show em’ their not as safe as they think” the hunter laughed near maniacally.

“You’re insane” Len replied as the hunter looked for a weak place in their defenses. “Let’s get this over with”

“Over here” Jude called, crouching on the downward sloped roof “there’s a vent over here.” He said, ripping the grate off its hinges.

“I am not going in there” Len wheezed crossing his arms over his chest.

“Fine stay out her like the pussy you are” Jude hissed, crawling into the vent.

Jude crawled about the vent as quiet as a full sized man could, tracking the humans by their scent. He hounded it down until he came over a grate in the roof, it was the houses living room, and the door was barricaded by a couch, three teenage humans sat around a TV watching a movie. The lights were out. Only one of the humans held a ranged weapon, a pistol, barely a threat to a mighty hunter. Jude’s sick mind decided to screw with the survivors. He let out a low animal like growl, deep in his throat. The survivors all jumped, the one with the gun flicking the flashlight on, shining it around the room

“You hear that?” the armed boy asked

“Yea” the other guy said

“Guys… I’m scared” the girl whined, covering her head with her arms. Jude chuckled under his breath, savoring their fear. The girl and unarmed boy backed up into a corner, while their friend bravely searched the room for the source. Jude growled again, a bit louder. The humans below all jumped again, the armed one swung the weapon around frantically, flashlight’s light flitting about like a drunk fly.

Jude laughed to himself again, loving how freaked they were getting. He decided to mess with them a bit more, pushing his luck betting they wouldn’t figure out where he was. Jude let out a Bone chilling screech. The girl wet her pants and began crying. The guys both panicked, running bout the room waving their arms in the air screaming. Jude laughed a bit too loud at this. The unarmed man stopped and pointed at the vent.

“UP THERE!” he yelled to his armed comrade.

“Aw f@#$!” Jude yelled, scrambling back the way he had come.

The smoker had remained outside, lying back on the roof; he coughed every now and then, just a habit of his. He regretted ever smoking before the infection, blaming it as the cause for his ugly mutation. The vent near him rattled frantically as gunfire was heard from within. The wide-eyed hunter emerged like a cannon ball from a cannon barrel, barely catching his grip on the shingle roof, breathing hard, trying to catch his breath.

Len stifled a laugh at the hunter’s current look, like a deer that’d seen the headlights in the middle of the road. “What, get shot at again?” he asked plainly, sitting up. Jude stared icy daggers at him after asking the pointless question.

Jude regained his cool “their not worth my time!” he announced proudly.

“Says the bullet hole in your loose sleeve?” Len asked the hunter, pointing out the bare miss that’d hit his coat.

“Shut up you smoke-sucker” he hissed, examining the bare miss, Hopping from the roof back to the grassy backyard below Len following closely.

Len chuckled to himself “one of these days your going to actually get shot” he coughed, and paused “if you keep terrorizing the humans”

Jude didn’t reply, and continued walking hopping the backyard’s fence, on the other side was a hill leading to the riverside that runs by the hotel. Len struggled over the fence and came crashing down the hill stopping just short of the water. “Dammit Jude, do we have to use the back way every time were going home?” he asked, getting to his feet, hurrying to catch up to the jogging hunter.

“River leads right past the hotel, and never has any survivors hiding to ambush us” Jude finally answered as he slowed to a walk to let the winded smoker catch up.

“What about the rumors of “Jim?” Len wheezed, catching his breath finally.

Jude laughed “Jim? You mean that myth the other infected are spreading in the hotel?” he laughed again “the one about the giant monstrous infected down here?”

“The same” Len answered, looking around. “It’s said it’s extremely dangerous and lives just ahead.” Len coughed, pointing to a cave in the hill side. “We really shouldn’t…” before he could finish him sentence Jude had taken off “You idiot!” he called after the crazy hunter, running to catch up.

Jude paused at the mouth of the cave, looking in. A soft snorting noise was heard from it. “Hello in there!” Jude called to the cave “Anybody home!?” his short taunt was answered with a low growl that made Jude freeze. From the darkness of the cave a titanic infected strode out. His upper body was bulk and extremely muscular; his arms were extremely buff, looking to be pure muscle. His head was located near the center of his chest, its jaw so deformed a limp tongue hung out. Its eyes were milky white.

The creature stepped towards Jude, towering over him by at least 3 feet. It stood and behaved like a giant gorilla, using its arms as front legs to support its massive body. The creature thing roared again and swung at Jude with its massive arms. The nimble hunter pounced, landing further away a crater left where he was. The smoker had finally caught up and saw the monster, Jim. Len called to the hunter “Jude! Run!” he wheezed, earning Jim’s wrath. Jim ripped a chunk of earth from the ground in front of him, hurling the boulder at Len, missing him by a few inches. “F@#$” Len gasped as the rock finally settled still near him.

Jude laughed, taunting the giant before him, easily dodging his attacks, until one made contact with him, sending him flying a few meters, rolling over himself in the sands of the riverside. Jim wasn’t playing now and charged at the prone hunter, roaring and snarling. Jude was able to roll to his feet and dive out of the way as the ton of muscle and attitude barreled over where he had been moments before, if he had still been there he’d be a pancake.

Len ran towards Jude as fast as he could, but failed to notice that Jim had turned his attention to the lesser threat: him. Jim charged again growling at him. Len turned tail and ran the other way, Jude joining him at his side. The giant was in hot pursuit of the two. They scrambled up and the hill, over the fence and back into the backyard they’d come from. The tank followed them, plowing through the wooden obstacle. With their back to the side of the house Len and Jude screamed, ducking. The entire wall of the house was knocked in by a single punch. The two scrambled into the newly created hole. The monster outside went quiet.

Something went click in the room and Jude turned around to find a pistol’s barrel in his face. The armed boy looked mad, but confused. The other two in the room were in the other corner. “Hey guys!” Jude laughed nervously. “Uh… what’s up?”

“What should we do with them?” the armed boy asked the other two.

“I say we kill them” the unarmed boy hissed.

The girl looked at the two a long moment before walking to the armed boy, and pushing the barrel of the pistol down. “Don’t hurt them” she said, pointing at the hole. “The thing was after them, so they can’t be all bad” she said quietly. The other guys stared at her a long moment.

“Bound them” the armed boy ordered the unarmed one. He grabbed some rope and tied both Len’s and Jude’s hands behind their back.

“What’s your name, hunter?” the armed one asked, still holding the gun at the infectees.

“It’s Jude you snot-sucker” he growled at the younger boy, angered by the pistol’s flashlight shining in his eyes. The armed boy seemed angered but Len interrupted before Jude could open his big mouth again.

“Excuse him, he’s always rude, I’m Len, what are your names?” he wheezed.

“I’m John” the armed boy answered gruffly, never taking the pistol’s sights off him.

“I’m Kenny” the unarmed boy said crossing his arms over his chest.

“Veronica” the girl mumbled, hiding behind Kenny.

John switched the safety on and holstered the weapon on a thigh-mounted holster. “They seem ok…” he mumbled. Jude blinked glad to not have a light in his face anymore. Veronica quickly undid the bound on Len’s arms and legs, but left the hunter hog tied.

“Sorry for the trouble” she mumbled quietly, looking at the floor. Len was slightly surprised at the girl’s reaction to him.

“No problem” he wheezed back. “What are you doing here anyways? The Evacuation centers all left the city…” he trailed off, regretting his words seeing Veronica’s face sad face.

“We… missed the flight out.” Kenny explained. “When we got to one, they turned us away… even shot at us” John gritted his teeth.

John took a deep breath “They killed our fourth member” he said bitterly. Len and Jude felt their sorrow as if tangible in their air.
Len sat down on a couch in the room; the other three took places all about.

“Let me tell you a story” John said. “Our parents were all infected, and killed.” He began. “Once they were gone, we kids had to defend ourselves, we were all four friends before the infection, me, Kenny, veronica, and… Jessica.” He paused a moment after the last name. “Together we fought our way out of the infected high school, through town and even through the forest to the south. When we came upon a CEDA evacuation zone, they turned us away, calling us carriers.” He sounded slightly confused. “We were immune, zombies had bitten us, sure but we weren’t infected…” he paused before continuing “Jessica tried to convince them to let us in…” john stopped talking.

“They shot her, point blank” Kenny finished, with a sigh. “They shot a 16 year old girl, who was pleading for help.” John began to sob quietly. “CEDA is worse than the infected” Kenny concluded, sighing. Veronica had begun to cry quietly too. Jude growled in disgust, and Len remained quiet, shocked by this.

John got a hold of himself, wiping the tears from his eyes. “That’s why were still here, the evacuation is worse than living out here” he finished with a short huff. Veronica yawned, obviously more tired than upset.

“Has it stopped raining yet?” Jude asked rudely, trying to change the subject.

“No” Len answered, looking out the hole Jim had made in the wall.

“Well, its late she should go” Jude mumbled, squirming to get free of the hog tie.

Len undid the knot, freeing the hunter. “See you around” Len said as he and the hunter left the teens to their thoughts.

The witch paced about her penthouse suite, still sobbing to herself, Shreds of memories playing again and again in her head. A 10th birthday, a Christmas morning a punishment by her father… She sighed again, forcing all the thoughts of her past and current self from her mind. Deciding she was hungry, she began the trek down stairs to the lobby; hoping food would be there somehow.

Len and Jude strolled through the broken down front door of the hotel, Len turned and headed for the kitchen while Jude went up to his room on the second floor. He passed the witch on his way up but paid no attention to the girl.Len sighed as he unlocked the fridge, pulling two slices of bread from it, popping them in a toaster, while there he also retrieved some lunchmeat and mayo. “Freakin’ idiot almost got me killed” he mumbled to himself leaning against the counter. The witch wandered in slowly, noticing the smoker.

“Uh…um… “She stammered quietly, turning to leave.

“You ok?” the smoker asked, coughing. The witch slowly turned to him again.

“…yea…” she mumbled, looking at the floor. She turned to leave again.

“You don’t have to go” Len said, as gentle as he could. The witch was obviously very shy.

The witch rushed off very quickly, nearly knocking over the common infected that wandered about. “Or… not” Len laughed shortly, retrieving and making his sandwich.

The evening passed quickly at the hotel as the infected went to sleep, all was quiet. the next morning the moans and groans of the zombie-infested city awoke to the sun As did the hotel’s patrons.

Len sighed, rolling off his bed, hitting the floor with a thud. “Ow…” he grumbled, getting up. “Another day… another chance to die” he told himself, going to the bathroom, and looking upon the mirror mounted over the sink. His hair was greasy, and bed-headed. He runs a hand through his hair, ruffling it back to a more natural look. He headed downstairs to the lobby, hands in his pockets.

The witch hadn’t slept that night, and lay on the floor, curled up into a ball, sobbing as usual. She flicked her blood red eyes open, looking around quietly. She slowly got up, trying to separate her restless dreams and nightmares from her torn memories. She again got up and began the long trek down to the lobby.

Jude had slept in a pile of clothes the night before, and awoke with a long stretch. He yawned widely, showing his sharp teeth. Opening his eyes he scanned his surroundings, searching for changes. Any changes, nothing was amiss, out of place or otherwise. Jude chuckled to himself, getting out of his makeshift bed, stumbling over the cans of beer he’d drunk the night before. It was then he realized he had a hang over, the ringing in his ears so normal he barely realized it anymore. He flopped back over, burying his head in the clothes pile, trying to get rid of the cursed noise that constantly emanated from the room next to his.
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L4D story, tranferring to my devi
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