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 Fenix's Top five chars

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PostSubject: Fenix's Top five chars   Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:00 am

Yeah yeah i know another topic with Fenix's name on it O.o
but I want to make it clear which characters are to be watched out for.

Good side!

Name: Redemption (Missing)
Class: Black Knight
Age: Well over 10,000
Personality: Seemingly cold, protects some people, actually pretty kind hearted, and a logic warrior.
Appearance: Frightening, Intimidating.
Backround/History: A long time ago, there were eight black knights that were meant to keep peace, and protect those in need, however, seven of them got absorbed in their own power, and abused it, and the one who trained them gave Redemption the power to slay them, soon after, he removed most of the power, but allowed him to keep some since he retained his purity, and he has been living to the black knight name ever since. He has been training through his battles and other such things with the darkness getting ever stronger, and is ever increasing his strength to hold the good against the oncoming wave of darkness
Likes: Innocent and pure souls, upholding his long dead order.
Dislikes: People who purposely destroy peace, or challenge him to prove their own strength.

Class: Immortal Girl
Name: Niramara Auramenta
Age: No one knows.
Personality: Cold, Distant, protective over mortals who stumble into her woods.
Appearance: Beautiful, somewhat haunting, very neutral, and cold.
Background/History: She was once human, and she drank a potion, forbidden, after wandering in the forest of the lost, and was turned immortal, though her soul eternally suffers, she eases her pain by shepherding the forest to which she was banished. She rescues those who become lost in the forest, and though she is immortal, it is an eternal suffering, and she guards the potion which made it happen. Nothing and no one can come into her forest and escape alive without her guidance, it deteriorates sanity, and being, along with the things that lurk there, mostly however it is the forest itself that seems to deteriorate everything. She does not do it to make friends, nor does she plan on it, merely to save people from the same fate she suffers, or from the forest itself. She carries a short sword and incredible magic, and though she is immortal, it is not true immortality. She can be killed, but not die, she will become reincarnated in who knows how many years or time, through a very painful process, though it is a curse to her rather than a blessing as she has nothing to live for, but she cannot die.
Loves: ???
Likes: Helping people through the forest
Dislikes: Those who try to bond with her while she does so.
Hates: Her immortality.

#2 (Tie)

Class: Arch Angel
Name: Angelic name is Vrathanael, name she uses on mortal lands is Mythazade
Age: Seems 16-18, actually very old
Personality: Merciful and caring to those on light, even those in shadow she sometimes shows mercy too in attempts of converting, Gentle, Wise.
Appearance: Beautiful, Awe-inspiring presence.
Background/History: In response to the Undead Legion growing ever more powerful, and Kyiash being freed, she sensed a extremely threatening tip in the scales. She being one of the Arch Angels and therefore she had her own choice, stay in her lands and stay semi-immortal, or come to earth and become able to be killed, but free to do on her whim as long as she stayed with good. She accepted the second offer, and in her generosity, the Angelic Master offered her a chance to return once her mission was complete, and now she is here in attempt to set things right again, risking her life to aid those for good. She was there once before, which is why she is allowed down here in the first place. She is very powerful, Physically and Magically, and since she has returned, Luna knows of it, as Luna has ties to her.
Loves: Light, Giving guidance to those lost.
Likes: Nature, humans, the "Good" side.
Dislikes: Anything related to darkness.
Hates: Those who deliberately cause harm and pain
Her normally:

Her when coming for war:

I photoshopped this myself, I'm so dang proud of it : D

( I have a five RP limit before i include these characters into my tops, but I know this character will be there, and I think he deserves his proper title, he's the only one i've done this with so DON'T COMPLAIN! XD)
Class: Forgotten Elf Legend
Name: Yaskle
Age: ???
Personality: Kind, Cautious, beautiful in a sense of how he eminates a ancient power, and his looks aren't one to be taken for lease either.
Appearance: Powerful, Intimidating, Absolutely handsome, Noble.
Background/History: He was once a Hero of legend, but however in a epic battle with a dark lord he disappeared, The tales of his bravery exist only in songs now and in elven records, but the elves sing of him at all of their festivals, although not even the elves remember his name... Recently, however, he has returned. Not known to anyone, and unknown, he is wandering the land in search of how he can aid people. His brilliant blue eyes can capture anyone, and his sense of ancient power, yet noble and pure, can draw anyone to liking him or respecting him. No one knows exactly who he is though, or what he can do. He is capable of a powerful Nova like technique that is unique to him alone. It gets more powerful each time he uses it and can use it up to eight times. The first of which is minor, like a grenade explosion of energy, but the last one is devastating. However it has a drawback, the more times he uses it in a day the wearier he gets, and if he uses it all eight times he requires a four day respite before he can use it again. After the sixth it starts to physically hurt him, at eight it's like mental anguish that causes him to faint. But he can use it off his shield as well, when he throws his shield he can use nova through it, and can do many things with the power. But regardless and without his unique technique, he is still a extremely deadly opponent. He can use magic, powerful stuff too, and is a extremely skilled fighter. Even the most fearsome of warriors can be matched by him, even if he gets beat, he will still give them a run for their money. He doesn't use magic in a certain genre, though he does light his sword on fire whenever the battle gets serious. He always has a calm and powerful disposition, and is rarely ever angry...
Loves: Very seldom few things.
Likes: Noble beings, staying unknown, but knowing he is still known.
Dislikes: those who can't appreciate what is given to them.
Hates: Darkness, all things that traffic with it.

His Shield:

#3 (Tied)

Name: Isahu

Nickname/ pet name: Tryteu (this is the only name you'll hear for a long while)

Age: 32

Looks: 17

Sex: Female

Class: Shade

Race: Once human.

Birthplace/place of creation: She was born in an average town, then "died" in the ruins of the tempest.

Favored weapon: Magic and an energy sword that can extend and unextend lengths.

Armor type: Normal clothes, and her magic.

Hair: Long, silky silver hair, which flows down her back like a river.

Eye color: Violet

Height: 5'9

Weight: Very light.

Figure: Extremely beautiful, like more so than the elves.

Gene/ robotic alterations: Her spirit.

Personality: Kind, not very shy, nor cold, and will favor people with a smile often, but she rarely shows her tender side, and even seldom more laughs.

History: She was possessed with a spirit after watching her parents get slain and being taken in by a master who was an expert conjurer with spirits, who are beings that have no define shape or form, or even color, and humans and spirits are impossible to mix together in harmony it was told, the spirits would be enslaved by the humans when they were summoned and would try to escape their master at all times, and spirits are incredibly powerful creatures, even the weakest are amazing. But after her master got ill, and was slain by bandits when she was, she conjured a spirit to avenge him, but the spirit overpowered her. Instead of taking her over, he linked to her, and they now share her body, the spirit wanted to gain further understanding of humans, and now Tryteu is her name since she and the spirit both decided on it, and it shows their unison. She had to leave everyone she loved, and her family and her only figure close to family was slain, and she can't really get close to anyone since shades are essentially hated and portrayed as ultimate evil. Regardless that doesn't mean they can live in perfect unison, sometimes the spirit starts to act up to powerful foes being around it, which hurts her body a lot. But all in all they get together well.

Side note: Whereas she's kind, her spirit's personality is incredibly difficult to read, and he often influences a lot of her decisions, such as friends, companions, and all else. Since she knows if he doesn't, he'll attack them.

Likes: People who see past what she is and get to know her.

Loves: Not much anymore.

Dislikes: Stereotyping her

Hates: When she loves something and her spirit does not.

Quirks/downfalls: She's amazingly powerful, but however if her spirit acts up, and decides to take over, she loses all control of herself, and her spirit controls all. And if she loses her spirit, she's powerless.

Relations/family: Her spirit.

Skills/powers: A terrifying amount.

Class: Divine Intervention (Exile)
Name: Epitaph
Age: ???
Personality: Kind, Knowledgable, Merciful.
Appearance: Wise, Knowing, Strong.
Background/History: For the most part unknown, she came to Exile and is one of the few outsiders who now holds a strong reputation there. She joined a squad called the Divine Intervention, and is one of the most valued members there, and holds an exalted reputation, or at least a strong one. She is very powerful in the unique magic that they hold, and she uses it to make a energy based weapon, like a scythe of swirling energy, or a katana of swirling energy. She rarely fights close, but that doesn't mean shes not good at it. She is a very accomplished magi, as well as a close range fighter. She is very wise as well, and can settle most issues without warfare or on a smaller scale, fights. Her presence is awe inspiring, just because of how powerful she appears, it makes most commoners breath catch in their throats.
Loves: No one.
Likes: Many things, peace, serving exile for she believes they are pure.
Dislikes: People who make empty assumptions on exile
Hates: Hasty decisions.

Her Animal form (I know it looks more like a spiritual animal, but it's not.):

Her spiritual form, it's not very large at all, somewhat larger then the average human, but not close to a dragon or anything. It's purpose is magic, and luring and or scouting because of how fast this form can go. It is a being of pure light, so darkness shrinks around it:


Name: Glenwind
Class: Elven Lord
Age: 7500 years
Personality: kind, merciful, accepting, very wise
Appearance: Beautiful, yet oddly intimidating, aura of power from age seems to be about him.
Backround/History: Has long since ruled over and kept peace of a large glen of elves known as the "Leafrunners", the elves regard him with reverence, and he is very accomplished in battle to, he can match eclypse one on one, though he rarely fights, and prefers to keep peace in an indirect manner. Recently however his daughter returned, and he has, as a king of his people, undergone a ton of training to increase his strength by a significant amount so that he can defend his glave and would be ready to fight should the time come.
Likes: Peace, People who mean no harm, And those who help uphold peace.
Dislikes: Those who deliberately cause trouble, and who ruin the peace.

(height: 6'5)

His Awesome Sword:


Class: Dragon Rider
Name: Ckathexis
Personality: Noble, Kind, Caring.
Appearance: Handsome, and everything personality is.
Backround/History: He and his sister stumbled upon a lone dragon, and rather then harming them, it bonded with Ckathexis at a touch, and now their bond is so powerful they can feed off and combine eachothers power, communicate from far distances, share emotions and thoughts, and almost everything else. They're both like a part of eachother now. It takes 500 years to have what they had at a touch. His sister bonded with his dragons mate, and they don't get along as well then Ckathexis and his dragon, Rivena. In some ways Rva'Thena is closer to him then his sister, though Rivena is still a young dragon, they are both helping eachother mature.
Loves: Rivena
Likes: His sister, her dragon.
Dislikes: Evil beings, those who give themselves to dark.
Hates: Corrupted dragons

Class: Dragon
Name: Rva'thena
Age: 195
Personality: Caring, Gentle, Young.
Appearance: Young, Beautiful, magnificent.
Backround/History: She got seperated from the rest of the tribe when she was young, and stumbled upon Ckathexis, she felt a attraction to him and bonded with him automatically. Since then he has become very close to the rest of the tribe, and a valuable ally, about twenty years ago her mate bonded with his sister. Though they still are having issues in agreement, as her mate is a ancient dragon and amazingly wise and strong. And they do not share the bond Her and Ckathexis do. They're bond is unbelievably close.
Loves: Ckathexis, her mate.
Likes: His sister, her kin
Dislikes: Curruption, greed.
Hates: Corrupted dragons

Evil Side!-


Now my #1 evil char!
Name: Kyiash
Age: 5,259 (the last 4000 years have been imprisoned)
Personality: Cold, merciless, fundamentally insane.
Appearance: Intimidating, frightening.
Background/History: No one knows how, but she honed her power FAR beyond the limits of anything... And in her time, she was feared as a omen of death. She was insanely powerful, however.. Yurahara fought her and beat her, and sealed her away in a tomb that she guarded with many many traps and enchantments so that no one could or would ever free her again. However.... Kyiash's power still continued to grow, and Yurahara does not know. Over these 4,000 years she has been imprisoned, her power has skyrocketed.. It will be incredibly difficult to free her, but she would be an amazing ally. Once she is freed, she will be even more powerful because she will gain all the power that Yurahara prevents her from using, but she could never quite take away. And EVERYONE associated with magic will feel it when she gets free, for once she is freed, even Yurahara couldn't stop her again, but it will be difficult to free her... Her name still lives on in books and scrolls dated back 2,000 years ago if you can find or have any made in that area, she was known as the "Shade of Hell". Her energy is so great that despite the many enchantments and powerful magic, it now seeps out around the temple she is sealed effortlessly.
And now, she is freed!!! The supernova of magic was slashed across the land, and literally shook the foundation of neutralness of good vs evil. She joined Chaos since it was them who freed her and has a city of lost souls that bend to her whim. And she accomplished that within an hour. Her power still increases through everything she kills, and overtime it still increases. Now that she is freed, I can bring her in in many different places, so be warned... Because around her, she'll stand a even chance against anything that gets thrown at her.


Class: Very powerful dark warrior
Name: ???
Age: ???
Personality: Cold, merciless, but seems to always be smiling, though his eyes are never visible.
Background/History: Where he came from, no one knows, but he has been building up his army in preperations for a conquest. Somehow he is controlling goblins, trolls, giants, and orcs all to his whim. He has ammassed a huge army, with it's sheer size enough to destroy any empire. But that's not the end of it... Along his conquest, he stumbled upon a very powerful necromancer, and recruited him, the necromancer later was consumed with darkness and became a lich. However, he can still retain his human form, and go to his undead form. With the undead added to his ranks, and with his sheer power, is ready to go on conquest to slay all those who oppose him, and amass his army over free lands, and with his brilliant commanding mind, it may just happen.
Loves: Nothing
Likes: Victories, watching his evil spread.
Dislikes: Powerful opposition.
Hates: When his army is defeated.

#3 (Tied now

(third most powerful evil char, power rivals Yurahara's, and now surpasses it.)
Class: Ultima Creation
Name: ???
Age: ???
Personality: Cold, Inhumane, Absolutely Insane.
Appearance: Absolutely frightening because of insane look in eyes, and just the aura of sheer evil and power he expels.
Background/History: A puppet of Kyiash. This puppet was created to wreak her havoc and destroy any army's that might dare oppose her. She created him, and now he is completely loyal to her. He has no humanity, therefore no sanity, nor mercy... When he kills, he takes souls, every thing he kills adds to Kyiash's power, and through her to his own. There are two other minions he holds, they were powerful powerful heros that he killed, and Kyiash brought their souls back to forever serve her, and through her, her puppet. He can be killed, but he has very very powerful regeneration, and his limbs cannot be decapitated, when he gets slashed there is no blood, but a strange dark blue swirling aura inside him. He is extremely endurable and very difficult to kill, but he is not just that, he is also pure lethal. He can do so many moves, and can replicate himself into four different things, each of which does normal damage that he could do. Not just that, but he can phase, and can block a behemoth's force with one hand. He is immune to magic of almost all kinds, due to the fact he has a aura of his own power that takes no effect from magical attacks. And yet is very fast and hard to get a hit on, and he uses a blue fire like substance that takes no effect to water, as it is not really fire, but his aura, which he manipulates to his whim. He uses a very unique weapon, but a very lethal one. His minions are no push overs either, though their powers are but a shade of his, and regardless are still very powerful. They are made of pure darkness, unlike him, and take light very badly. He can use a unique kind of darkness though, that corrupts beings and allows them to be used to his whim, and ultimately, Kyiash's.
Loves: Nothing
Likes: Kyiash.
Dislikes: nothing
Hates: anything opposing him.
Picture of him and minions:

Picture of him by himself:

Picture of him ticked off, and when he uses powers to full blast:

And his last, and truly ULTIMATE form:

Class: Shadow Swordsman
Name: ???
Personality: Cold, unforgiving, merciless, brutal.
Appearance: Evil, dark, frightening
Background/History: He appeared one night, in a larger but not main city empire, and like a shadow, annihilated everything in there that night in a brutal massacre, with nothing left but rubble and scattered body parts. He has no master and strikes, and wanders freely. He shows mercy to no one, not even children. The annihilated town is proof of this, he often rides on a horse, pure black of the darkest shade of midnight, named Shadowmere, none else is known about him, no one knows what he is, or who he is.
Loves: Nothing
Likes: Slaying, massacres.
Dislikes: Those who do not show fear.
Hates: Anything that attempts to reason with him.



Class: Lich
Name: Prometheous.
Age: ???
Personality: Exactly that befitting to a lich, merciless, brutal, slightly crazy, but brilliant.
Backgroudn/History: He was on a conquest for power, striving to make himself more so, but then he met ???. With his guidance he became so powerful, and under the condition that Prometheous would eternally serve him., it was like a win win for Prometheous. He devoted his own undead to the ranks, and now is going on conquest along with him. At some point he had undergone the ritual to become a lich, and succeeded without fail. ??? needed him to be a messenger however, so he kept his human form, but has the lich power and capabilities. He usually carries out ???'s bidding, since he has no reason to show himself in person.
Loves: Darkness, undead, ??? (in a devoted slave sort of way)
Likes: His legion, being a high up position in this army.
Dislikes: Anything that opposes them.
Hates: Anything related to light.

#5 (Tie)

Class: ???'s Champion.
Name: Noura
Age: ???
Personality: Seemingly cold and unforgiving, and merciless, but perhaps it's only seemingly.
Background/History: No one knows, but he was a very powerful warrior, and is, but now he's under ???'s service. Those who knew him before know he would never do so, but nobody knows why he did. Now he's under the command of ???, and through ???, his strength has increased. All anyone would think of him is that he is a mindless slave of ??? since he wordlessly follows orders given, and his expression never changes.
Loves: ???
Likes: Not gonna say for this moment
Dislikes: Same as likes
Hates: ???

Class: Elite Demon
Name: Yourukai
Age: 286
Personality: Cold, cruel, merciless in battle, afraid of nothing, challenges anything.
Appearance: Usually has a chillingly cold grin on face in battle, out of it, she appears as a nightmare.
Background/History: She is the literal meaning of a demon. Clever, cunning, decieving, powerful, and vicious. A absolute monster, she slays anything that gets in her way. She usually acts as an assassin, but however will take a battle on the front lines. Her blades are bound to her arms, and seem to be them, and she has never been seen with them off by any other than her tribe. She is like a nightmare to any of those weaker than her, she slays them before they can blink, or if she feels like it, torments them. Unbelievable is her power, more so is her cunning.
loves: ???
Likes: Her tribe.
Dislikes: Humans, anything that gets in her way
Hates: Anything stronger than her.

NEUTRAL CHARS!!! (I decided eclipse belongs here.)

#1 (Tied)

Name: Finrae
Class: ???
Age: Seems about eight, is actually older.
Personality: Outright, go lucky, though kinda crazy, and kills whenever she wants.
Appearance: Innocent, sweet, happy..
Backround/History: I changed her plot around a lot.

So pretty much she's been locked in a "basement" for 500 years by her older sister, because of her awesome and incredibly destructive power she wields her sister did this out of fear, and Finrae, who could've escaped at any time, has a deep respect for her elder sister and remains in the basement. Eventually she stayed in by her own volition and became quite the shut in..

Finraeā€™s personality is one that fluctuates at the drop of a ball. One moment she could be docile and playful like a kitten. The next, she could be batshit insane and trying to rip out the throat of the nearest bystander. Several factors play into this, mainly the fact that she was locked away for 500 years in a basement. Seemingly minor mental issues were able to grow and develop into major facets of her personality, aggravated by isolation and lack of social contact to render her largely unstable and have a rather questionable sanity. When encountered in a docile state, people usually think of her as a rather cheerful, charming and excessively creepy little girl. However, seemingly random things will set her off into a violent fit of anger and Finrae has a tendency to never forgets names.

She also has a very small mature side, generally emerging during periods of calm lucidity or in the moments preceding a panic attack. She rambles less and becomes more coherent, and usually philosophical. It's like the calm before the storm. And she doesn't know she eats humans. (She's a vampire, but that can be taken out of the picture) But blood still excites her.

Overall though, Finrae is more often than not, childish in nature. When she excited or happy about something, Finrae tends to be full of energy and wanting to play until she suddenly tires and drops in place. She gets filled with such an immense immature glee and has the mentality of a child no older than 5. Finrae is also very easily intimidated, often by female authority figures that remind her of her older sister. Any commands either yelled or given in a strict tone will result in Finrae being startled into a state of quiet obedience. The more like her older sister the voice or appearance, the more likely that Finrae will obey unconditionally. Finrae is very much like a curious and easily startled rabbit. Everything catches her attention and she will constantly ask questions, hoping to learn more. More often than not, she's quite moe and is incredibly submissive.

She tends to speak to herself in incoherent monologues and trails off mid-sentence if another thought occurs. She readily talks to herself when alone even making doppelgangers of herself to converse with. During some of these, Finrae will sometimes have random recollections of the earliest years of her life. During these moments, she is often immersed in her own little world and oblivious to everything around her. At all other times though, she is extremely easy to startle. Loud noises and things she has never met with are often the main causes for this.

For those who want to die an excruciatingly painful death, simply bring up her wings. They are an extremely sensitive subject to Finrae, often causing old traumas to resurface. Constantly talking about them causes her to feel very uncomfortable. Should either of her wings ever be threatened, Finrae will throw a massive temper tantrum and flip out of control. One of her biggest fears is having anything happen to her precious wings.
Oh, and she views people as "Objects". She doesn't understand the concept that they're people.

However, she was freed now and escaped, but she doesn't know where her older sister is.

Likes: Killing, living free style.
Dislikes: People who insult her, or tell her shes cute.
Pictures of char:

Her when using powers:

Her when psychotic:

I couldn't help it, it's to dang epic.
Theme song! O.o

Class: Necromancer/Dark magi (Dead)
Name: Xadriel
Age: ???
Personality: Cold, Uncaring.
Appearance: Frightening, powerful.
Background/History: No one knows how he came to power nor honed his power to such an extent, but he can create a whole legion of undead if he wills it , and has the corpses. He doesn't just make skeletons, he can create zombies, and all else. His most remarkable characteristic is his voice, it can chill the bones of the bravest warriors, it sounds like a whisper of wind rustling dead leafs, and yet he is not evil for all his darkness, he is neutral and couldn't care less about the going-ons of people outside of his problems. Recently he has undergone training and is now stronger than he ever was, and is now a truly strong and terrible foe to have, but he is a very strong one ally as well. He conjures the blades around him as independant entities and every each one of them is a formidable foe.
Loves: Darkness, His abilities
Likes: Striking fear, his minions.
Dislikes: Being hated.
Hates: Classification

He has white hair over black hair, and his primary weapon is a giant scythe that seems almost alive... The handle and blade look like they're made of muscle flesh, and at the tip of the handle is an eye, going down where the blade should be is teeth, well fangs to be exact, and it goes about four feet down, the handle standing at about six feet high.[/b]


Name: Eclipse
Class: Black Dawn Leader
Age: She is an enigma, her age is unknown.
Personality: Cold, Unforgiving, merciless, a very good leader.
Appearance: When you first see her, she appears as a normal, if not cold girl, but however when she leaves you sight and you try to recount your memories with her, she is a being of pure shadow, whos appearance, though pure black, haunts your nightmares, and can chill even the strongest of warriors.
Backround/History: Seldom is known about her backround, about twenty years ago, she founded the "Black dawn" which was a group of picked out, specially selected people, no one is the same, the group has nine members, with her as the tenth, each member has their own unique abilities that they specialize in, and they each know she is their master, and do not question her authority.
Likes: The Black Dawn
Dislikes: pretty much everything else.

Her First dagger:

Her short swords:

Her last resort weapon:

Her long swords:


Class: Epic Flippin Ninja.
Name: Tasuki Ishimoto.
Age: 18
Personality: Happy, Go lucky, Kind, but when it comes to fighting merciless and excellent from any angle.
Appearance: Cute, Kind, Gentle, all that good stuff.
Background/History: She was raised away from most public in the woods, which she still enjoys being, but she at some point got plenty of training of being a ninja. Now she's a extremely great one. She uses two daggers to accomplish her bidding, but there is absolutely no armor good enough to withstand her mix of magic and physical attacks. She is extremely fast and difficult to get a hit on. But generally she's very outgoing and will fight only to protect those she cares about. She is also very difficult not to get along with and is an optimist to any group. She once had her heart taken, but found out she was being used, and hence hasn't really trusted anyone enough to tell her past. But she is very in contact and not reserved, yet is still pretty dang powerful.
Loves: Nature, Being close to friends.
Likes: Running, training, company.
Dislikes: Greed and personal gain
Hates: ???

#4 (now tied)

Class: ???
Name: Shirala
Age: About ten, but is much much older.
Appearance: Somewhat chilling as is, but when she gets in combat and goes psycho, she is VERY scary.
Personality: Happy, ditsy, giddy, somewhat chilling though and slightly insane normally.
Background/History: After Finrae got freed from her prison, Shirala sensed it, and soon after, maxed her power in one burst, and tore through her prison. After she did, there was nothing there in front of her, no mages guarding her portal, she realized that Finrae must have slaughtered them to make it easier for her to escape. Now that she's back, she can't wait to live life the way she wants it. She doesn't bother to hide her wings, which are a sign of her... Unique nature. And she won't hesitate on killing anything she feels like, and don't underestimate her, she's one hell of an opponent.
Loves: Finrae
Likes: Very much else.
Dislikes: Kinda what she likes
Hates: Not much
Her normally:

Her when she fights (Wings elongate and change somewhat):

Her when she goes ballistic, letting out all power:

Class: Shadowmancer
Name: Shade
Age: 549
Personality: Cold at first, but not dark, and a very loyal ally, and a very terrible enemy.
Background/History: She was a leader in a small group called "Shadowmancers". They were better than adept dark mages, and every single one of them had a Shadowform. They are renouned for their ability to create an alternate dimension with their power, at least in a given area. It expands outward like a bubble, and can vary in many sizes. In it, things cannot exit, nor can things enter unless she permits it. The land in it can be shaped to her whim, whether it be kept the same, for a duel without interruptions, or a wasteland unique for ambush battles. Her magic prowness is plenty, but that aside, her shadowform is a dragon. Not an actual dragon, but one just as lethal. It doesn't breath fire, but something much much worse, a dark shadow that clings to whatever it touches and burns through it like acid, only as not with fire, it can cling to anything. She can cast this with or without her magic form, and rather than just use dark magic, she summons beings of darkness, she can manipulate darkness or the forms of her creatures, and is very unique. However, long ago, they were forced into slavery by Gka'Privae, and were his minions of destruction. In his reign, they were painted and portrayed as the beings of destruction that haunt nightmares. When in reality they are nothing of the sort, but are widely hated for it. She is one of the last surviving Shadowmancers, and can find no one to take under apprenticeship. But she is keeping an eye open.
Loves: Being unshunned, and unfeared.
Likes: Friends, and protecting them.
Dislikes: People who portray her and her group as monsters.
Hates: Those who don't give her a chance.
Her human form:

Shadow dragon form:


Class: Uber assassin
Name: Anathem.
Age: ???
Personality: Cold, ruthless, not evil, but not very kind either, rarely shows mercy.
Appearance: Picyture.
Background/History: He's a rogue assassin, and seems to have no specific targets, unless he's hired. Where he is often switches locations, but if any bird is sent out with his name they'll find him. He doesn't use magic, his physical capabilities and stealth are super human, and his favorite weapon is a hidden blade that he uses, although he has thing on his wrist, not a pistol, but a mini arrow shooter, which takes a considerable amount of skill and training to operate. He can run very fast, over anything, so he never loses momentum getting over something, and he jump far and accurately, and can kill a target on the move. He's an ideal assassin, and has recently been being hired by Exile to carry out Luex's work while he was settling down. He excels in his arts, and very few things can beat him in his own game.
Loves: His job
Likes: The fear, and respect he gets
Dislikes: Kids who idolize him
Hates: People who worship him.

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PostSubject: Re: Fenix's Top five chars   Fri Dec 04, 2009 12:12 am

Char order has been Edited. ^^
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Added a new section: Neutral chars, these are chars that can side to both good or evil, and many of my chars kinda belong to this.
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I decided to bring the char from my story in to replace Gka'Privae, seeing as i'll actually USE this char XD, Kyiash killed Gka'Privae and stole his power, which is what made hers go ballistic.
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Fenix's Top five chars
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