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 The Union of the Aether (The Union)

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PostSubject: The Union of the Aether (The Union)   Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:27 pm

Ignore the STEAM FRONT text.

Era: Pre Industrial or Steam Age

Mainly uses airships. Most cities are on the ocean front or on the ocean.

Economy: Normal
Technology: High in some parts
Manpower: Slightly below average
Moral: High, with their high technology.

Magic is used very rarely. Some mages have created iron and steel golems.

Clockwork Guns (Like a revolver)
Primitive machine guns and gattlings
Low tech tanks
Armor and exosuits
Very high tech airships
Primitive WW1 destroyer class ships
EXTREMELY Primitive Mechs/Walkers
EXTREMELY primitive submarines

Normal Unarmored Infantry, usually posted on airships or used as boarding crew.

Armored Normal Infantry, used in wars

Unarmored Heavy infantry - Armed with heavier weapons

Armored heavy Infantry - With armor this time.


Walker - Rarely used. Still in prototype, only a few dozen exist.

Submarine - Only 4 in use.

Airships - The pinnacle of the aether technology. They can be unarmored and run on helium, or have armor and propellers.
Light or Recon. May or may not be armed. Recon is the standard civilian size.

Battle Class Airships-
Destroyer - For air to air battles usually, but can be used for ground

Battleship - Well balanced all purpose ship

Defense Monitor - Defensive airships used for air to air defense or air to ground defense. Usually found patrolling town or city borders.

Dreadnought - Only 6 are in use. 5 are in progress, 1 is missing. (Imagine the jet engines as propellers or groups of props)

Flagship - YMS Vessalius

A Proposed Idea.....

An imaginitive scientist proposed a flying city idea. It was quickly discarded. The Union had nor the resources or the manpower available to create such a monstrosity, although there have been attempts.......
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The Union of the Aether (The Union)
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