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 update, redo of omega program background

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PostSubject: update, redo of omega program background   Mon Dec 07, 2009 4:44 pm

After all the crap I got about the future to modern time jump the omegas take i redid the idea.

its basicaly the same, but its not from the future

Marcus cynlore, founder of Cyntech industries noticed the number of uprising (mutant zombie and otherwise) steadily climbing: His company, Cyntech began Disease control on the cities infected: and found something interesting, An infectious disease, Codename: Omega normally that makes mindless zombies when back-engineered becomes a potent soldier enhancer: The experimental enhancer was administered to 15 Advanced soldiers, only one died from the infection process. he enhanced soldiers Became known as Omegas, soldiers made to combat the disease.

(fucking internet at school is so shitty I cant type straight, ill finish this later)
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update, redo of omega program background
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