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 Helix Covert Operatives [HCO]

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PostSubject: Helix Covert Operatives [HCO]   Fri Sep 03, 2010 3:43 pm

Operatives' Insignias (Found on the right arm)

Symbol 1 - Symbol for lower-class operatives. (T1-T4)

Symbol 2 - Symbol for high-class operatives.(T5)

Specialty: Stealth, Infiltration, Sabotage.
Best at: Infiltrate and Destroy.

The Covert Ops does their job in the shadows so the men in the light can succeed. They can raid anything, anywhere, for what they've been ordered to do; anything from retrieving info to secret assassinations. Created by Royquin, only one selected person can command these operatives. The main HQ (And main training center) is in a secret location.
More recently the leader of the HCOs, Aaron Steele, has retired from the UEF (Shortly before that universe's RP was abandoned). The HCOs at the time were already extremely popular among HE media. The HCO of late has also become silent with almost no activity other than attacks on pirates and outlaws reported from them.

Helix Covert Operative Vendigo Armor (Tier 1-4)

Helix Covert Operative Cyclops Armor (Tier 5)

A full HCO squad normally contains 6 operatives; 2 Frontliners, 1 Sharpshooter, 1 Medic 1 Engineer, and 1 Vanguard. A squad normally sticks together but is subject to change if required (Including the number of each class).
As you "Tier Up", you are given more privileges and are allowed a greater selection of weapons to use. Troopers can only allowed to carry a maximum of TWO weapons (Melee weapon and Secondary firearm does not count) due to the need for stealth. On special frontline fighting, however, all operatives are allowed a choice of three weapons.
Tier 5 operatives, however, are given the freedom of having as many weapons as they want, no matter the mission or scenario. After all, Lv5 operatives are some of the best combat experts of all time.
Customized weapons are allowed, under certain circumstances. You'll need to check in with one of the Lv5 Operatives to get it registered specifically to you. Of course there's always the standard armory that can be used, as registration may take a while.

HCO Ranks are as follow:

-Pilot (T1-5)
A brutal occupation, as eligibility alone requires someone who has shot down at least twenty enemy planes. Pilots are also expected to be able to fly though the worst conditions and live through it. Without doubt the hardest occupation within the HCO, but also the highest-paid occupation.

-Frontliner (T1-4)
The HCO men that take the spearhead of most HCO operations. There are normally two Frontliners in each HCO squadron for obvious reasons and they do their best in close-quarter combat and medium-range combat. A Frontliner often has to be the one to guard the rest of the team or a VIP being escorted. The most plentiful class within the HCO, though because of that, Frontliners have high requirements.

-Sharpshooter (T1-4)
Some of the best marksmen(or women) and snipers are the HCO's Sharpshooters. Sharpshooters back up their squadron from medium-range or far-range but are also expected to defend themselves in close-quarter combat if necessary. Sharpshooters can also end up being the team scout and are the HCO's best sabotage experts.

-Medic (T1-4)
The most essential class in any squadron, Medics are armed with insta-patching technology so injured squadmates can jump right back up and hit the battlefield again. Low-tier Medics do not need to be a surgeon but by tier 4, Medics ARE required to be a skilled surgeon.

-Engineer (T1-4)
Anything technological should be handled by the Engineer. The HCO's definition of 'engineer' is pretty general, anything from a weapons specialist (With, most likely, custom weapons that can deal ever-more pain) to a sapper (Explosives, Mines, this guy knows it all) or hackers (There is NO human computer that cannot be hacked by this person) and various other Engineering classes.

-Vanguard (T4)
Essentially a squad leader, a Vanguard needs to know how to use every weapon in the HCO arsenal, study on other potential weapons, and be highly skilled at improvising. A Vanguard also must know at least a portion of every other class (With the exception of a Pilot) and be able to apply the skills learned.

-Elite (T5)
The second-most difficult class, just under the Pilot, Elites are ground-based but are required to know how to fly an aerial craft if necessary. An Elite is also expected to face almost-impossible odds and come out on top, quite often on solo missions (Only Elites are allowed to do a solo mission). An HCO Elite, armed with even the most basic of weapons, is still something to be feared.

--HCO Armory--

-[Primary Weapons]-

SLR-44 Singularity Rifle
This thing will never miss, unless the user has crappy aim. Lightweight and being a perfect weapon for silent takedowns, it is a favored weapon despite the fact it is an T1 weapon.

Mk.2 SAR Assault Rifle
The Mk.2 Special Assault Rifle is the newer version and the replacement of the old Mk. 2 SAR Assault Rifle. This new rifle features improved accuracy, decreased recoil and decreased weight at the cost of less ammo. T1 Weapon.

ACS-12 Shotgun
The Automatic Combat Shotgun is very light and has less recoil than most shotguns, making this shotgun easy to use and effective even in untrained hands. T1 Weapon.

RFC-15 Carbine
This Rapid-Fire Carbine is pretty much the equal to an Uzi. The magazine is larger than shown in the picture.
It is an ideal weapon for close-quarter combat and is great for dispatching entire squadron of infantry. T1 weapon.

AP-6 Grenade Launcher
A small grenade launcher. It can shoot Napalm grenades, Smoke grenades, and Flash bangs. The grenade rounds aren’t very large, so don't expect much of them. T2 Weapon.

AV-6 Rocket Launcher
This thing can neutralize light tanks and clear out squadrons with one big blast. T3 Weapon.

PCS Plasma-based Combat Shotgun
Believe me. This gun HURTS. The plasma can burn through any average infantry's armor. T4 Weapon.

Singularity APR-1
When you need an accurate sniper with the rapid fire rate of an assault rifle, the All-Purpose Rifle is your way to go.
The rifle is linked to an energy cell at the back of the rifle, and is powerful enough to blow a wheel off a scout car.
Due to the weight and massive recoil of the weapon, only veterans are allowed access to this rifle. T4 weapon.

HCO HR-HGG Gatling Gun
Don't ever mock this thing's size. It's not your usual machine gun modification.
This gatling gun can chew through average metal doors and walls like paper.
It can send off 6k bullets per minute, and 250 rounds per belt. T5 Weapon.

-[Secondary/Melee Weapons]-

Dirk Plasma Knife
The Dirk Dagger is a basic utility tool, used to cut down anything from vines and wires to the flesh of your enemies. It’s lightweight, easy to activate, and can remain active for long periods of time without recharging. This is standard-issue to all members without a melee weapon.

AB-2 Energy Blade
Designed and first created by Aaron himself, he decided that it should be produced for the HCOs. This blade features an arm-guard while being surprising lightweight for its size and being able to deal a lot of damage. This blade can easily cut through a light tank’s armor. T4 Weapon.

LS-1 Plasma Sword
A prototype weapon, this sword is not only very portable but has a cutting ability that can match the Ancient’s Archblades. Currently this weapon is only available to T5 operatives.

G2 Pistol
A semiautomatic that offers decent accuracy and rate of fire, it's not a powerful pistol but it's a great weapon to refer to when you're out of ammo.
It can carry 20 rounds, and is easy to use. T1 Sidearm.

K15 Pistol
Using rifle rounds, this 6-round pistol deals heavy damage at the cost of low ammo and hard recoil. It’s safe to be used by T1 operatives.

H3 Pistol
The H3 pistol is only available on single-fire, but despite its ordinary look it can put a nice big hole in a wall.
It is a slightly difficult weapon to wield, as the recoil is fairly strong. Notherless, its accuracy is great. T3 Sidearm.

G6 Pistol
As you may know, this is the choice weapon of Royquin. He makes wielding this gun look easy, but it's not the same with normal people!
Nicknamed the 'Raging bull', its ridiculous recoil makes it one of the hardest guns to shoot within the entire universe.
Its recoil is so strong it makes the shotgun's recoil look like dog piss. First-timers often have this gun flipped out of their grasp when fired.
If you can aim properly with this weapon, however, the user can find out this weapon dishes out a huge load of damage.
For instance, a 10-yard shot with a G6 rifle is the equal to a .50 Cal shot at point-blank.
The G6 is a devastating sidearm which many considers being more dangerous than the user's primary weapon. It's not an T5 Sidearm for nothing.

R6 Pistol
A toned-down version of the insane G6, it features maximum accuracy and power at the minimal recoil. However, it’s only toned down halfway. The accuracy can match that of a sniper rifle. Classified as a very dangerous weapon, only T5 operatives are granted access to use of this gun.


Formulated Mercury Bomb Package
Lighting anything up like the 4th of July. This is half as potent as the Semtex bomb package.
There isn't a level limitation to this weapon, but it's restricted to two FM packages per squad of six.

Semtex Bomb Package
Who wouldn't miss out on these? They can blow a big nice hole through some of the toughest blast doors. There isn’t a level limitation for this either, but it’s also limited to two packages per squad of six. The only major difference is that this is twice as heavy, yet twice as strong.

--HCO Vehicles--

Nightflare Stealth Dropship
It can carry a maximum of 6 HCOs to and from the set locations.
It is installed with some missiles and autoturrets, just in case.
Reports say that this craft is swift and silent, and it will never show up on most sensors.
It often drops off the COs without warning, and takes off with what they came for before any organized counterattacks can be mounted.
There is always 3 HCO Stealth Hovercrafts hidden away within the dropship.

Stealth Combat Fighter
There's always at least one HCO stealth fighter escorting a Nightflare Dropship.
The greater importance the target, the more that'll tag along.
Like the dropships, these fighters are swift, silent, and undetectable by radar.

Heavy Support Assault Gunship
"They can outrun us, but there's no way in hell they can outgun us!" is a favored quote for pilots of this craft. It's more than meets the eye, no kidding. There are all sorts of hidden accessories on this craft than you'll ever find on another gunship.
All of these accessories are also customized to fit the pilot; no two gunships are alike.

Stealth Hoverbike
If a dropship can't land, the dropship will drop three of these for the COs to escape with.
It is equipped with a grenade launcher (Driver controlled) and a hidden gattling gun in the rear for a second person to control.
If anyone else that's not within the HCO tries to use one of these hoverbikes, sensors will know and the hoverbike will self-destruct.

Type-44 Mobile Armor
Using some of the most advanced systems in all of the UHEC, a MA with the potential of an AC was created.
The T44 uses hyperthrusters for maximum speed, marking this MA as the third fastest vehicle in the UHEC arsenal.
Each T44 also uses a shield with Dracoarmor fused with carbon nanotubes for maximum projectile and laser protection.
The shields are also armed with secret missile pods and laser cannon. The edges of the shield have plasma beams, so the shield can be also used as a melee weapon.
The main weapon is a mech-level rifle that can switch between railgun and laser modes.
Each Type-44 is also fitted with two heavy missiles.

Type-44 Main Fuselage

Type-44 Hyperthrusters
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Helix Covert Operatives [HCO]
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