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 Rune Chapter 1:Despair?

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PostSubject: Rune Chapter 1:Despair?   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:29 am

So in the Runes RP... we have just about reached the next town before the next path of destruction:Legendia... It will be a matter of time before it will become overrun.. unless someone is there to save it... Will the ruined town of Serelia's new hope.. the Shadow Lights become the saviours against the Chaos city: Kadana...
So every day draws near to a despair of close.. untill the group finally arrives in Legendia. Let us start a new day and bring a future hope that will save all of mankind..

---------------------------------------------------------Azeinron conquest--------------------------------------------------------
Azeinron:heh..... only a matter of time before the runes will come to a close... as i have been told by countless fortunetellers, soothsays, oracles, and such i will believe that these runes will become the building block of anew... Freedom Magic... It sounds like such a wonderful thing, and i only can hope for the ultimate power when this time begins.... See the people born anew we shall see who is the stronger nation in all due time... Now to dominate the 14 minority nations.. Crush the small and conquer the weak...

--------------------------------------------------The nations of 14 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Council 1:so how will we deal with this new threat
Council 2:we shall bring in new power
Council 1:and how might a pray we do this?
Council 2:*displays his rune's power in a projecter-like system* we have this group of young soldiers to save us..
Council 3:are you mad!?!? this group couldnt even save their own nation!
Council 4:hes right... we wont even be able to save our own hides from this insanity!!
???:i will pay them a visit
Council 1-4:!?!? you!!! we thought you to never come here again!
???:well i dont keep rules in line very well...
Council 5:who is he?
???:me? my name is heh..heh..
Council 6:stop now! you were forbidden to say your name since the day you were born!!
???:tch... i got it... they call me here... illusion... or illuise as a nickname.
Council 7:you scoundrel why are you here anyways??
Illuise:well i want to test this "group" your talking about...
*the council gathers and after a long wait they finally reach a desicion*
Council 8:we understand.. you'll go and test them...
Illuise:heh..heh... my pleasure
Council 2:.... dont kill any of them...
Council 4:got it hes dangerous to all ends
Illuise:*knives near his throat without him making the slightest of movement*
Council 4:!?!? telekenesis?!?
Illuise:wrong you idiot!*smacks him with the bunt end of his knife* remember my abilities exceed anyones
Illuise:*vanishes in seconds before the council*
Council 4:*gasping for air* god... he was a monster..
Council 13:we know... *whistles*
???:*a flashing white light appears before them* you called? Master?
Council 13:tail illuise...
???:i understand..
???:*he leaves an afterimage behind and instantaneously dissapears*
Council 9:you know some real monsters you know that....
Council 13:*gives a bright smile and yet evil intent behind that* i know >;D
Council1-12 & 14: o.o''
Council 10:*cough cough* now shall we end this meeting?
Council 11:yes lets... im getting scared of this power as well....
------------------------------------------------------close council ----------------------------------------------------------------
-----------------------------------------------------enter Legendia----------------------------------------------------------------
Town Elder:there isnt much time left.....
Sevon:i know... i have relayed new about the mighty Sirvanis has died...
TE:such a woe... hes gone.. not much left can be done about it though... we will leave it up to the chosen one...
Sevon:i thought the chosen one was just a myth???
TE:no.. in fact the chosen one is very real and is coming towards us this instant
Sevon:then the continent might be able to be saved...
TE:no one knows... it depends on the chosen one's descisions...
Sevon:right... for now we will open them in open arms when they arrive...
TE:tis the best..
Sevon:i hope that our little "allies" gave them a good greeting...
TE:i hope so too, they might be our only hope to save this continent...
-------------------------------------------------Close Legendia---------------------------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------Enter Coronis----------------------------------------------------------------------
Sethur:status report!
Advisor:sire the nation of Serelia has fallen now that its core has been destroyed..
Sethur:the impregnable castle!?!? how??
Advisor:Nation of Kadana did it
Sethur:tis the day.. to have brought distruction... your never know what could happen these days...
*a guard enters*
Guard:sire!! we have many wounded and injured!
Sethur:pull the medics out immediately and tend to them!
Guard:yes sir!
Sethur:what say you Royal advisor, how long do we have to still up defenses???
Advisor:not much sir... about 3 days...
Sethur:*looks out at the window*... i cant believe that old man was brought down, he was extrodinarily tough... and yet he was brought down..
Advisor:is a sad day...
Sethur:we have no time left we must set up whatever we can, go tell everyone to set up defenses for a hell of a battle tahts coming up in 3 days
Advisor:i will relay this message...
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Rune Chapter 1:Despair?
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