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 Durin Trade Corporation

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PostSubject: Durin Trade Corporation   Durin Trade Corporation Icon_minitime1Tue May 17, 2016 11:42 pm

Majority Species: Dwarf
Culture: Marxist communism like. Daily life is always centered around trade and exchange. While most everything is shared, buying things and trade is very common, especially when acquiring things one doesn’t own.
Motto: Cooperation through Trade
Capital: Erebor, nicknamed “The Lonely Planet” because its moon is far away. Erebor is a very mountainous planet where most of the activity from the dwarf civilizations is under the surface because of how cold it sometimes gets.
Sub capital(s): Moria, volcanic planet. Despite enjoying warm temperatures, the world is prone to dropping in temperature fairly frequently.
Space stations: Amon Rudh, HQ of R&D Guild
Nordinbad, HQ of Military Guild
Khazad-dum, HQ of Weapons Trade
Orocarni, see Largest City
Largest City: It’s not really a city, the dwarves call it Orocarni. It’s a large space station where most of the trade in the market goes on, including acting as the HQ for the Weapons Trade Guild, the current highest grossing guild.
Official language: Dwarfish
National language: Common
Gov’t Type: Communist like. The entire market is comprised of several major guilds, their leaders making up the leaders of the market itself. There is one higher than these though, the Head Guildmaster, who is elected by vote of the guild leaders. However, since dwarves are usually disagreeable, there is hardly ever a Head Guildmaster.
People in power:
Thror Bluebeard, head of the mercenary division of the Weapons Trade Guild, currently stationed on Orocarni
Thorin Greybeard, head of the Weapons Trade Guild, currently stationed on Khazad-dum. His job is getting ordered and requested weapons to their proper destinations.
Dwalin Whitebeard, head of R&D Guild, currently stationed on Amon Rudh. His job is overseeing, and occasionally helping, with development and research of new tech and weapons. New weapons are brought to the Weapons Trade take them.
Boffur Brownbeard, head of Military Guild, currently stationed on Nordinbad. His job is getting the dwarf soldiers to their proper stations. He and Thror have a rivalry and do not get along too well, mostly because Boffur despises mercenaries and would rather keep the militaries pure Dwarf.
Military power: Above average
Religious beliefs: None. They prefer to not do business in religion, bad for economy and sales.
Monetary system: Whatever is accepted as the universal currency?
Class System: N/A, the only major power are the guild leaders
Goals: Becoming the biggest trade faction
Technology: Above average. They sometimes acquire new technology through diplomacy.
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Durin Trade Corporation
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