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 The Shraadus Templars

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PostSubject: The Shraadus Templars   Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:07 pm

This is one of the few branches in the Shraadus Military and Armed Forces. They are considered the 'super soldiers' of their kind. Templars are structurally re modified, with stronger muscle tissue, enhanced brain endurance, and high-calcium bones. They are given the strongest Personnel-Shield System and the best Adamazine Armor (Adm+Azu, Adamantite+Azurine). Templars abilities in combat are superior to almost all infantry of almost any race. They are difficult to defeat and are not captured easily.

Templars personalities are full of pride. They are easily offended but this is not a weakness. They control there tempers and being offended by the enemy could lead them to a trap, which they fully understand. Templars are organized into "Legions". There are about 30 Legions, each ranging from 100-300 Templars each. Each Legion ranges in different skills. (Legion 6 specializes in stealth. You will NOT detect them. Ever).

A typical Templar's training averages 15-20 years. Anyone from the age of 10-25 may enroll to be a Templar.
Test vary from standard opstical courses, Shooting Ranges, to Combat Missions with paint(Capture the objective, etc.) The Final test is an arena-like duel with an Artificial Intelligence built for recognizing enemy battle patterns and forming ways to counter-attack those patterns. The Test is very difficult, so the fight may be done with others in ones designated squad.

It is possible to lose the fight but pass to be a Templar. But to do this you must be expert at all the other test.

Quote :
"I'll defeat one army before breakfast, and then another before supper."
-Vael, Templar Praetor of the 6th Legion.

A Templar about to execute the petty human.

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The Shraadus Templars
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