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 The Shraadus Coalition Capitals (SCC) ** WIP **

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The Shraadus Coalition Capitals (SCC) ** WIP ** Empty
PostSubject: The Shraadus Coalition Capitals (SCC) ** WIP **   The Shraadus Coalition Capitals (SCC) ** WIP ** Icon_minitime1Fri Jun 10, 2016 7:44 pm

Star Nation's Name

Shraadus Coalition of Capitals


The SCC is divided into 16 individual factions all loosely under an alliance with the Capital faction, generically called the Capital. These factions are largely independent and do not affiliate with any other faction directly. Each faction is classified either as a Warrior, Industry, Science, Agriculture or Utopian faction based largely on what its biggest export is. Each faction is represented by 2 Leaders, a male and a female called Praetors, who serve as both political and military leaders, and they can either be voted in or are given the position by royal blood. The Capital state, in addition to the Praetors, who are royal, are lead by a Prime Minister, who is voted. The Prime Minister's position last 10 years before reelection is opened.
Every 6 months, Praetors from all 16 factions meet in the Hierarch's Chamber located in the Capital city of Vaalski along with the Prime Minister to discuss any issues or policies that need to be discussed.
(Names will come when I come up with some)


Economy is largely a communist/socialist form where luxuries and basic private industry relies on free trade and open market, while services and maintenances (such as housing, food, power) is covered by the government and other services (i.e I will build free houses for you if you provide them with power, so on and so forth)


While each faction has their own military, a lot of these personnel serve in the Capital Army as well as their own. The Capital's Military is very powerful, due to a cultural aspect of the Shraadus being warriors at birth. The Capital usually purchases new equipment, technologies, and soldiers from Warrior, Industry and Science based factions to increase its combat effectiveness. Training and edification for soldiers and Special Forces is beyond brutal, usually done at birth for most factions, to maximize their combat effectiveness in battle and is shown to be incredibly effective. They are very good fighters, highly adaptable, sneaky, strong, and precise with guns. With advanced technology and weapons on their side, and while being agile, intelligent, strong, and deadly precise, even basic SCC soldiers put up a fight.

Number of Habitable Worlds: 16

Expansion is usually slow because the Shraadus breed slowly, so overpopulation is typically uncommon. Expansion is usually used in this case for an output in production and resources export, but colonies do spread on these worlds. Scientists like to expand to allow their telescopes to go deeper into the Universe.

Notable places:
Sekriskaban: Capital and homeworld for the SCC, extremely well protected, roughly 15% larger than Earth, orbited by many moons and asteroids filled with very valuable minerals and metals. The world itself has a slightlty wider orbit than most planets, resulting in extremely hot summers and blistering cold winters.
FraalSkaar: An odd planet under a state Tidal Locking with it's star, the side facing the star would instantly melt metal while the other side would instantly freeze CO2. However inbetween is a zone deemed habitable, and the SCC was able to successfully terraform it. This world is primarily used for Scientific Research.
Kel'Kah: SCC Intelligence agencies have identified with 89% certainty that this was the original homeworld for the Dur'Armari Ancients. The world was strewn with ancient city ruins, various military bases and science labs, and an establishment that looks like it held the Dur'Armari royal family of Praetorians. This was the first world the SCC traveled to after discovering FTL through wormhole technology and after harvesting the world resulted in a golden age for SCC science and technology. Kel'Kah is now primarily used as a military fortress and scientific research.  

Religious Beliefs

The most common belief is that of ancestral divinity. The Shraadus date their ancestry back to a race of super beings called the Dur'Armari, now extinct, and evidence shows that they had the technological and psychological prowess of Gods, and they were lead by God-like beings called Praetorians. Many Shraadus worship the Dur'Armari, believing them and whatever artifacts and relics they left behind are sacred. This belief has even bled into the Capital, where the Capital believes in a sort of Manifest Destiny that all of these Relics belong rightfully as their heritage and are not afraid of fighting to secure their safety from those who are unworthy to keep them.


Shraadus: A very old race that values knowledge and military and can date their lineage to hundreds of thousands of years, possibly millions. They average 7-9 feet tall, are extremely strong and intelligent, and have an extremely powerful sense of smell, making escaping from one very difficult, and escaping from one who has trained to utilize nearly impossible (called Hunters, respectively). Meanwhile their eyes and ears are a little average at best (Though this doesn't mean they don't make great snipers!).
Their leg anatomy is that of a backwards knee joint (similar to Protoss or Sangheili) which gives then fast maneuverability in terms of leaping, bounding, and jumping, however this leg structure makes more slower movements like normal walking look rather awkward, sluggish and not very intimidating when done lazily.
(I'll give more detailed anatomy if requested to.)

Force Declaration:

Navy: 2360 Primary Warships, 140 Special Ops. Warships
Personnel, including pilots, crewmen, infantry, engineers, that sort of thing, approximates at around 5 billion
Technological level is exemplary.


Their history is separated into eras, an era may be added if there is a rapid development in society (Think of it like Ancient Era -> Medieval Era -> Renaissance Era, etc).
They've had a jump start at growing technology and science than before most races, but this progress has been slow due to religious taboo and wars, particularly over the technology spread over their planet from the long past Dur'Armari. Despite these sluggish advancements, the Shraadus had their version of WWII (in terms of scale and destructiveness) when the Humans were having their Crusades.
The 0 Era, also called the Pre-Era, was a time of turmoil when Shraadus were beginning to settle into city-states for the first time since being nomads. These city-states constantly squabbled and fought one another, until one rose to significant power and began conquering the known world in ruthless and bloody war, until it was stopped by a single Shraadus Leader and a small army of 1000 (The Templar of Legends, warriors of limitless strength, skill, and power). The Templar Warrior faction today is based off of the Original 1000 of legend. After this, he established a monarchy and formed the 1st Era, thus began the history of the Shraadus. The current era is the 8th Era, or the Era of the SCC.


Our favorite topic. I'll start with my favorite topic, infantry.
Infantry in the SCC are divided into specific roles, and while each unit excels in their role area (Assault, Support, Mechanics, Stealth), they are trained to be at least proficient in other areas to so that combat units aren't crippled if a specific role is taken down. Special Forces units can fit in these roles too, (notably called Elites)  and excel in almost all areas of combat roles, and are masters in their own role.
Most infantry are equipped with genetic augmentations and advanced power armor suits, which are equipped with air recycling tanks, protective energy shields, holographic Heads-Up Displays, and neural implants, to name a few features.

: Consider them your front liners. While other roles  may have similar tasks to assault units, the basic idea is to be first-responding  front-line attackers, typically the first to attack once a land invasion begins.
Strikers: Simply, weapon specialist who are versatile with a large variety of weapons to use in the head-on assault, Strikers can fight infantry, snipers, or armor. No matter the threat, Strikers are the ones who overcome it.
Scouts: As the name implies, they, well, scout. If needed, Scouts can recon an area for intel, or retrieve intel or VIPs or whatever the objective is from enemy hands. They're also proficient as hit-and-runners.
EODs: With the combat proficiency of a basic Striker, also tasked with the role of coordinating areas that need an airstrike or other ordinance delivered.
Hunters: Hunters utilize the extremely effective sense of smell the Shraadus have to track down foes.

Support: Support units can range from military MP to aiding the Assault on the battlefield.
Machine Gunners: The role for Machine Gunners has changed very little since their introduction in WW1. SCC Machine Gunners deliver heavy and rapid suppressive fire onto enemy troops in an effort to allow their own troops to move up.
Sentinels: Sentinels are typically not seen on the battlefield, because they serve mostly as Military MPs and guards, albeit very well trained guards.
Tanks: Tanks are extremely armored and extremely armed, Tanks soak up enemy fire and and draw it away from their less-well protected comrades.
Medics: Or referred to as Combat Medics, aid in being able to patch up soldiers during a fight who are wounded on the battlefield so that they may be able to jump back in the fray. Combat Medics can also serve as typical Medical Doctors, who operate to save lives of the mortally wounded.

Mechanics: the SCC do use normal Mechanics, Infantry Mechanics are a lot more combat-oriented, and typically deal with machinery and explosives.
Engineers: These Combat engineers typically utilize remote-controlled or AI controlled machinery, from Sentry guns to Drones, and related. Combat Engineers are proficient in firearms as well, and do make effective anti-armor infantry.
EVA: This is sort of a broader term, EVA is not exactly an infantry as it is a classification for any personnel who operate battlefield-related vehicles such as tanks or fighters. EVA units do go through rigorous combat exercises to prepare them for the battlefield, however.
Demolitions: Demolition units who excel at explosive devices. Demolition units can be directly involved in the battle or behind the lines rigging things to explode. Demolitions serve most of the time as anti-vehicle units, using mines or anti-vehicle weapons.

Stealth: Stealth units could be considered as Special Forces themselves due to their very unorthodox combat. Stealth Units can easily cover the areas over roles above but in a more stealthy manner, obviously.
Saboteurs: Advanced sophisticated units that, if done correctly, can decide the fate of a land battle before it's even begun. Saboteurs rig equipment behind lines, simply put.
Stalkers: Stalker roles are similar to scouts, but the catch with Stalkers is that they hit without ever being spotted.
Snipers: Need I say anything? While Scouts often can serve as hit-and-run snipers, Snipers are more stationary, picking off high-priority targets from afar, relocate, and repeat without beng spotted.
Assassins: Not typically used in combat, Assassins are usually used in infiltration missions to take out targets. In a battlefield, they can be used to take out high-priority targets that snipers cannot normally take out. Assassins and Stalkers can sometimes have interchangeable roles.

Elites: Elites are the more advanced, high ranking Special Forces version for roles (i.e Elite Striker, Elite Sentinel, Elite Combat Engineer, Elite Stalker). Elites can either be trained and commissioned directly, but more commonly, high ranking Infantry are usually promoted into Elite roles. Elites are typically equipped with more advanced gear to better protect themselves and fight with, and are a lot more versatile than their low-ranked brethren.

I leave these ones separate because they are significantly different than your average SCC soldiers. Templars are super-soldiers, simply put, are raised from birth to be ultimate warriors. Templar culture is brutal, their children put through more trials than most men in sophisticated armies go through in their lives. Armed with extremely advanced power armor, genetic augmentations, the most advanced training in the SCC, and deadly with anything they can use as a weapon, Templars cannot be beat, cannot be matched, cannot be killed.

(JK they're not totally invincible, but good luck trying).

The Black Mountain

Nearby the Capital City of Vaalski lies a chain of Mountains. The Highest of these, an active Volcano, is called the Black Mountain. What most don't know is that the Mountain is home to the SCC's extremely powerful Intelligence Agency, the Circle of Allseers
While the name now could be considered a misnomer, the Circle of Allseers originally culminated in the 3rd and 4th eras, where religious wars were extremely common. These wars were fought over the vast amount of Dur'Armari relics that existed on the planet, which were the subject of their religion. While the nations around them continued to form and collapse, the Circle of Allseers remained, religious fanatics who excelled at understanding the culture and Technology of the Dur'Armari. Today that fanaticism has mostly gone away. The Circle of Allseers now has many more jobs than its predecessors did. This can range anywhere from science, foreign affairs, internal affairs, intelligence, to technology. The Circle of Allseers (the staff is huge at this point, there is no private circle) is hugely influential on decisions the Capital makes.
Some of the fanaticism seen in the original Circle does still exist in the Modern Circle. Called Crusaders, this is a legion of warriors that live in their devotion to their religion. They are the best experts ever in Dur'Armari culture and Technology, and are the soldiers who are sent to retrieve artifacts from hostile races that refuse to give them up. Due to their devotion and zealotry, they're usually successful.
The Crusaders almost have a cultist line to them, and many doubt their existence, even the Praetors of the Capital. Those who do, however, recognize their craze obsession mixed with their incredibly advanced combat training knows they are a force to fear. Not much is known about them, since the only ones who do are themselves, and they are not a relieving culture. Crusaders are willing to do whatever it takes to get a hold of artifacts from hostile factions.

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The Shraadus Coalition Capitals (SCC) ** WIP ** Empty
PostSubject: Characters   The Shraadus Coalition Capitals (SCC) ** WIP ** Icon_minitime1Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:01 am

Name: Erra'Von'Haleaski
Sex: Male
Age: 55 in Earth Years
Rank/Status: Praetor, Supreme Commander
Height: 7'10"
Description: Once a Striker in the Capital Armed Forces, Erra'Von'Haleaski now serves as the Supreme Commander, which basically means he commands the entirety of the SCC's Infantry, Armor and Air Force. With the personality of a distant, mysterious and sophisticated General, Erra is an extremely skilled warrior who is not afraid to jump into a battle himself. Proficient with every weapon one could think of, he is only rivaled by the Templar Praetor Vael'Tor'Templaris, who are very close friends. Has a tendency to not get jokes.

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The Shraadus Coalition Capitals (SCC) ** WIP ** Empty
PostSubject: Characters   The Shraadus Coalition Capitals (SCC) ** WIP ** Icon_minitime1Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:17 am

Name: Hazel'Koy'Haleaski
Sex: Female
Age: 43 in Earth Years
Rank/Status: Praetor, Supreme Fleet Admiral
Height: 7'4"
Description: Previously the Judicator Shipmaster for the SCCS Colossus Dreadnought, Hazel'Koy'Haleaski now controls the entirety of the Capitals Space Command. This includes ALL military actions in space whether its fleets or mining in space. Some doubt her abilities to be tasked to such a daunting task due to her young age and immature personality, which is almost completely opposite that of her brothers. Witty, usually the loudest in the bar, and an almost fiercer fighter than her brother Erra'Von'Haleaski, she proves that she is suited to the task of Supreme Fleet Admiral. However, during war, the two work together like they're one, and the combination of land and ground coordination is more than what most foes can handle, despite the Shraadus as a whole being a smaller than average Empire.
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The Shraadus Coalition Capitals (SCC) ** WIP ** Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Shraadus Coalition Capitals (SCC) ** WIP **   The Shraadus Coalition Capitals (SCC) ** WIP ** Icon_minitime1

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The Shraadus Coalition Capitals (SCC) ** WIP **
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