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 Locations in The World of Erutios

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PostSubject: Locations in The World of Erutios   Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:26 pm

All Locations are divided up by which continent they are on.

Cidicryse and Aquidus Oceans

Major Cities
Unknown Amount of Shielded Underwater Cities

Places of Interest
Hansley Trench




Major Cities
Sea of Trees
The Sea of Trees is the Elven Refuge's Capital and where a vast majority of their remaining power is. Here seemingly sea of trees intertwine with each other and parts of the interiors expertly hollowed out as to not kill the tree or impact it severely. Due to the density of the trees, it is impossible to really drive large vehicles into this area and will have to be parked nearby. -WIP
Picture of The Sea of Trees

Places of Interest
Bach Mountain Chain
Source Crystals can be found here! -WIP

Cypress Mountain Chain
Source Crystals can be found here! - WIP


Major Cities
St. Salivard






Places of Interest
The Monolith
Out of the snowy landscape of Jirmushi, a massive monolith can be found towering high into the sky. This monument is dedicated to the deity Fathom and is held up by a magical source of some sort. It contains no magic of its own though, but there are regular blizzards that blow through here...
Picture of The Monolith

The Frozen Ruins
People use to live here - WIP

The Frozen Hall
The Hall is the remain of what once might have been a large palace or temple. Located near the Frozen Ruins, these halls have been frozen over by the blizzard of Jirmushi. The hall leads to a large crater, whatever once being there having been long ago destroyed. Curiously enough, pockets of mana remain in the crater, concentrating in small nodes across it.
Picture of The Hall

Mt. Halyon


Major Cities



Places of Interest
Midnight Crater
A Scary Place -WIP

Absoc and Tarmac Dunes
Massive, dark stone spikes reach up towards the sky from the sands of both of these dunes. No one can tell if these were artificial or naturally occurring, but a strange otherworldly energy emanates from both these dunes. Perhaps the source could be discovered and tapped as a new energy source....
Picture of the Duns


Major Cities

Ft. Arcani





Places of Interest
The Three Peaks

Mt. Mammoth

Mt. Spire


Major Cities


St. Balistrong






Places of Interest
Land of the Fallen Moons
An oddity in the east of Mu-Arishi, no one knows how these seemingly massive moons came to be suspended high up by equally large trees. There seems to be a magical property to this area as well, as any attempts to cut down the supporting pillars or cultivate the area has been met with failure. The moons range from large asteroid size to large moons.
Picture of the Fallen Moons

Flying City
Built by an Ancient civilization, its power source still remains a mystery to the modern day world. The base of the city is seemingly submerged in water while a massive city flies overhead. This city is estimated to have hold millions of people at one point, but no one knows why they abandoned this once magnificent city. It is rumored by those who visit this place that they can hear Spirits and ghosts, though no one to this date has been able to communicate properly with them.
Picture of the Base

Picture of the Flying City

Ainsworth Falls
West of the city of Ainsworth lie these breathtaking falls. One well versed in the art of the arcane will be able to sense massive amounts of mana being generated from these falls and is highly abnormal. There's something else about these falls that warrant investigation..
Picture of the Falls


Major Cities

Places of Interest
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Locations in The World of Erutios
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